Top new Gmail features for it’s Anniversary update


First of all, you need to know about the G Suite.

What is a G Suite?

It’s like a bunch of Softwares. In G Suite you will get to access.

  • Hangouts
  • Calendar
  • Google+
  • Google Drive
  • Docs
  • Sheets

You know the first product which was launched in the G Suite is Gmail.

At present Gmail is celebrating 15th-year Anniversary which will be the first product of G Suite.

There’s should be something special on the occasion of Anniversary.

So Gmail bought some cool add-ons on the occasion of 15th Gmail Anniversary.

The two extra features are…

  • Scheduling Emails
  • Assistive Emails for Android.

What is Scheduling Email?

Finally, the most important and useful feature has launched. It can overcome a lot of problems.

Seriously a lot, because in some situation we need to send emails at a particular time and it is not possible for us to be present at that time.

Now there would not be a problem at least. But yea you can access that feature earlier as well. But you need to do some heck to access that feature. But you don’t need to do that stuff now.

How to schedule an email in Gmail and send it anytime you wish( Older version)

At now just write and schedule Birthday wishes and just sleep. Your mail will be delivered at the right time.

How to schedule your Email in Gmail?

It’s so simple and doesn’t take much to do that. You just need to write to your Email and other details.

Later you press drop-down beside the send button. There you can get a Schedule option.

Later you can set your available timing and that’s it. You’re ready to implement this feature.




If it is not available, don’t worry within some days you will able to use that feature.

Dynamic Feature in AMP Gmail

AMP stands for “Accelerated Mobile Pages”. Whenever you visit an AMP optimized website you will get to see the lightening speed results. But you will get that feature for Mobile users only.

But the problem is that the original look of the website gets disturbed and you can just read the properly aligned text. The dynamic aspect of the website won’t be loaded under AMP.

To experience AMP website, just search any popular websites on your Mobile…

Search ” Shoutmeloud” you will get to see the AMP look and just turn off AMP version. ( You can see that option at the bottom). You will get to know the difference between AMP and the original look of the website.

So in the way, Google also uses AMP for its GMAIL service. But the catch is you will get a dynamic content as well. So that you can get a very good experience in using Gmail AMP.

How to send Gmail AMP?

In order to use AMP for Email within Gmail, you must do the following:

  1. Build emails to include AMP components. See the AMP developer documentation. When building your email, you must make sure to handle authentication requests appropriately.
  2. Test your emails to ensure they have the required appearance and behaviour.
  3. When you are ready to start sending dynamic mail to your recipients, you must register with Google.

A clear sample of AMP Email from GMAIL.

gmail new features

Assistive Email for Android

Before we used to get this in the desktop version of GMAIL. While we are about to write something, Google used to recognize the word or sentence and it would get into our suggestion. But it wasn’t for Mobile users.

But this time, you can access that in Android as well. These upgrades are cool enough for this Anniversary. Still, a lot of features can be introduced. Let’s hope for the best

This is a quick update about it! Hope you will like it!