7 reasons why you should NOT buy iPhone XS


Every time you might come across, ten reasons why you should buy iPhone, blah blah blah. To break this routine lets now concentrate on some aspects for which we should not buy iPhone XS.

I strongly believe at. First, we need to look over the negative aspects of any phone so that we come to know the features are not the main priority to us.

So here I am going to say, 10 reasons not to buy iPhone XS and you can save your money for next year iPhone launch. 

However I have told this reason in my previous post… 🙂

1) Pricing

Apple is unstoppable regarding increasing the cost of new iPhone; there is no point spending more than $ 1000 for iPhone XS Max. If you’re looking for new iPhone to buy, then I prefer you to wait a year and save the money. Or else you can buy an iPhone X at the discounted price or second hand on eBay which is pretty much same as iPhone XS.

2) No headphone dongle. 

With heafty price tag , you won’t even get dongle in the box by this you cannot use older headphones for the new iPhone XS. 

3) No fast charging included in the box.

You will notice that you won’t get any fast charging in the box which must be included at this price tag. But ! No!. 

4 ) Stick to your older phone for an year. 

Don’t think your phone is going to be slower, according to the new report iPhone X performance signaficantly increase in Geekbench score test. 

new iphone 2019

So even older iPhones like iPhone 6s and also iPhone 5s feels better with new iOS 12 and also you will notice the better performance than the older iOS version. You can observe the increase of fluidity and all others in iPhone 5S too.

If you’re going to purchase new iPhone once try out iOS 12 for a couple of months. Still, you feel like buying a new iPhone then you can proceed.

But my suggestion will be like… Don’t feel excited by new iPhone and going rush to purchase it. There’s nothing much to feel excited about.

5) Older Apple iPhone’s Receiving latest updates

One more important aspect issue is Software updates. We already know that optimization between software and hardware is so perfect. iPhone 5S is six years old and is still receiving updates. So having older iPhone is not a bad idea.

6) Next year iPhone going to be a killer iPhone.

One of the main reason not to upgrade to iPhone XS is… This launch is an S launch in which you won’t get many upgrades. Even if you compare with older iPhone’s like 5S, 6S. There are not many updates you have seen in S models.

Moreover, all of the rumors are pointing for 2019 iPhone in which we can see real hardware change like…

  • A smaller notch
  • A 3 lens camera
  • AMOLED Display
  • In built Touch ID.

These features are 100% true, but one thing I can for sure is that we may see a lot of changes in 2019 iPhone.

So let’s even talk about some serious problem iPhone XS or XS Max is currently facing… 

7) Charging Issue on new iPhone XS and XS Max

Many people have noticed some serious issue on their new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. 

You can see here, a lot of people are complaining regarding charging issue. 

Click here to see user Complaints. 

What actually the problem is ?

When you plug in to charge the iPhone, surprisingly it doesn’t charge but when you tap on the screen it starts charging. 

Addressing this issue, Unbox therapy the YouTube channel has tested with 6 iPhone XS and XS Max and surprisingly he faced the same issue with more than 3 iPhone XS and XS Max. 

I hope this issue resolves within software update or else it can be a big headache for Apple.