New WhatsApp features added to iOS users.

New WhatsApp features added to iOS users.

The new update of WhatsApp had rolled out a new update especially for iPhone users. It includes important and useful features which are going to be very advantageous for iOS users. This update had rolled out on 23 January, version of 2.17.1. The update size is 91.2 MB and it is recommended to update under a strong WiFi connection with adequate battery life.

Queue messages when you don’t have a connection.

This feature is already available to Android users for some time. So it is not surprising for Android users. But it matters much for iOS users. We get situations where we need to send messages although there is no connection. But before we could not send as there is no availability of send options. By this update, you can queue messages and those messages will be sent whenever there is the availability of the network. It is mainly useful where you experience poor connectivity.

Storage Maintenance.

Especially in iOS memory consumes very fast compared to Android. Mainly,non-expansion of storage in iPhones lacks, as people having iPhones of storage options 8GB, 16GB they really need to take care of unwanted data which is of no use and takes much space. With the new update, you can easily manage how much memory is consumed in various categories like Text messages, Images, GIF’s, videos and recordings. So you can now delete the individual category by going to Settings>Data and Storage Usage>storage usage in that where you can easily identify memory consumption in various category.

Send 30 photos at the same time.

The other important update in WhatsApp version 2.17.1 is the ability to share more than 10 items. Yes, WhatsApp for iOS will now let you spam your friends, family and groups with the ability to send up to 30 videos or photo forwards in one go.

The update is about 91.2MB in size and is available only for users who have iOS 7 or higher installed.