Ola comes with Ola Money with SBI Credit card. More benefits


Startups now keep on focusing on ways which can make them money in different ways.

Recently Paytm came up with the Credit Card with CITI and trust me it is better than normal credit cards as because of the benefits it has provided.

As same as Paytm Ola now got into the race of releasing credit card. Ola Money SBI Credit card will serve as a multipurpose credit card.

Annual Fee of SBI Credit Card

Compared to OLA credit card you will get first-year free fee and from the second year, you will be charged Rs. 499.

One of the advantage parts of Ola Credit card is that they will wave off the annual fee if the spending is Rs. 1 Lakh per year.

What extra benefits you will be getting if you claim it early.

Many companies do offer extra benefits when you claim or purchases them in a first go. As same here Ola SBI Credit card is offering extra benefits to the consumers who apply for the credit card before or till June 30.

  • Rs. 500 Ola money after making the first transaction using Ola Credit card.
  • Rs. 300 Cleartrip Voucher.
  • 1+1 on Food, drinks, lunch and dinner and it is valid for 3 months.

What benefits you will get with Ola Money Credit Card.

  • Ola Rides

It is related to Ola so you will get benefits related to Ola for sure. But for Paytm credit card you won’t get any extra benefits.

You will get 7% cashback on your rides with the Ola Money SBI card. However, you can get a maximum cashback of Rs. 500 per month.

  • Flight Booking

You will get 5% cashback on flight booking on cleartrip. You can get only Rs. 5000 maximum cashback for domestic and Rs. 10,000 for international bookings.

  • Hotels

With Ola Money card you can get 20% cashback on all domestic hotels and 6% cashback on all international bookings that too via cleartrip. They have partnered with cleartrip so the offers are only on cleartrip.

ola credit card

  • Dining

They have partnered with 6K restaurants so you will get 20% cashback on those restaurants via dining out. Moreover you will get Rs. 200 per month. This has been added as just as a benefit. It doesn’t even add much value to it.

  • Other spend

You would get 1% cashback on all other spends without any maximum cap.

  • Fuel Benefit

You might know sometimes you will be charged with Surcharger. But with this credit card, it will be a 1% fuel waiver.

What are the Pros and cons of Ola credit card?


  • Many offers compared to other credit cards.
  • Easy Apply Process
  • 1% Cashback on all spends.
  • Free for the first year.


  • Rs. 500 cap on Ola ride cashback.
  • You cannot combine other promos in hotel booking.

How to Apply for Ola Money SBI Credit card

You will get a dedicated page for Ola Money. They have created to give maximum information to more information.