10 GB RAM OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition Unboxing and special features


OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition Unboxing

We generally know the normal edition box and its components. However, they are gonna be the same but with a different style.

So let’s have a Look over the special edition box of McLaren edition of OnePlus 6T.

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So here is the box of McLaren edition. I love the papaya colour, and the total colour theme will be of same as well.

So we shall look into the box, what has OnePlus has come up with.

When you open the box, you will find the information regarding McLaren history which is worth reading.

However, we won’t even give a damn to any booklet with the phone. But this will be a different aspect so you can have a look over it once.

On the last page, you will find in-short description about OnePlus 6T McLaren specification.

Next, you will able to see the beast… Ya. OnePlus 6T McLaren edition is placed at the end of McLaren edition box.

So once have a glance over the Accessories which we got with this phone…

These are the accessories which you will get with this device…

  • Warp Charger 30W
  • Carbon-Fiber Case
  • USB-C cable
  • Dongle

If you’re not aware of McLaren, so it is a Racing F1 team. Because of this reason, you will see ” Speed ” everywhere in OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition.

So what’re the new aspects in McLaren edition compared to OnePlus 6T.

However, this is a special edition so we can’t expect much changes with this special edition.

Moreover, the changes are more likely to match the main base speed. So let’s have a look over some changes which are likely compared with 6t

The body of McLaren Edition

If the dimension is taken into consideration, you won’t find any difference between OnePlus 6T and McLaren edition.

You will get the same 157.50 x 74.80 x 8.20 and weighs the same 185 gms.

Body Material

Here you will find the difference between these two phones. The new edition comes with carbon-Fiber back which resembles the McLaren F1 Carbon-fiber body of the car.

Along with that, you will get a carbon-Fiber case with the box.

Carbon-fiber is used for extra strength, so it is clear that the McLaren edition of OnePlus 6T will be more durable.

The design of special edition is quite catchy compared to normal ones. It has papaya-Orange border inlined into the glass which gives a WOW factor.

However, the placement of buttons, in-display fingerprint sensor remains same.

Though they have used Carbon-fiber finish the weight of the special-edition remain same.


The display technology is the same as 6.41-inch AMOLED (2340×1080) which is already present on OnePlus 6T.

The technology doesn’t change, but you will find the UI theme very different. You will get to see McLaren theme which feels to be very premium and unique.


To match the exact theme of McLaren they must include something beast to match the speed. So, in this special edition, you will get whooping 10GB of RAM... It has just crossed many Laptops and CPU’s RAM.

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So many people may think that. Is it useful and can we take advantage over the 10 GB RAM?

If you’re a heavy gamer and you play very High graphical games like PUBG, Asphalt all continuously. When you shift to other games, it won’t start from the beginning instead you can play where you left the game.


You will get the same 3700 mAh battery and the life of battery going to be the same.

The special masala which we can get is the McLaren speed charger( Wrap Charger) which can get your phone 100% within an hour.

Isn’t it crazy?  They need, to opt for this feature or else it won’t justify the phone at any cost.

On the other hand, the isn’t an upgrade so you may not see a significant difference.

Other than this you won’t notice significant changes in the OnePlus 6T special edition.

What is the price of OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition

You will notice the change in pricing. However, the special edition comes with only one variant which is of 10 GB RAM and 256 GB storage.

The price of OnePlus 6T 8 GB, 256 GB is priced at Rs 42,000. On the other hand, the McLaren edition is priced at Rs. 51,000.

This edition is most preferable for people who are interested in Racing, and preferably not have all the gears up.

If you’re the one to have a keen interest in racing, then this limited edition can satisfy you.

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