OnePlus 7 design and news what we all know about it until now.


You have seen the sale of OnePlus 6T is going on and OnePlus 6T production is stopped in China. Which clearly states that OnePlus 7 line up will be released soon.

What we have to uncover about OnePlus 7 News

The leaks about the iPhone used to be a more interesting aspect of all time but at present sceneraio, this is going with OnePlus 7 as well.

Do they have an interest in launching foldable phones?

These questions are asked to the CEO of OnePlus, but the response was negative and they are not willing to launch any foldable phones. Expecting foldable phones in the near future from OnePlus is not possible.

Because at present it is not much required even for the audience.

Some of the important aspect of the Interview

He also mentioned that they will be continuing the research in the areas of Smart Displays, 5G to enable the AI assistance to work better.

Last year it had come up with the two important aspects of the phone which are more focused on Speed and connectivity. It will be so special that this time on which they will be focusing on.

How many variants does OnePlus is going to launch?

This time it is coming up with two variants called OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro. The features of OnePlus 7 Pro comes with Pop-up selfie camera and with a triple-rear camera along with Snapdragon 855. These are based on the leaks produced by other Microblogging sites.

What is OnePlus 7 Pro, Does it come to India?

OnePlus 7 pro is just a variant of the OnePlus 7 line up. It adds some extra features and also it will be on a higher side of the price.

According to the leaks, it states that it has no bezels and comprises with the Pop selfie camera. The design will be very attractive and also you will get it for a higher price end.

The OnePlus 7 Pro model which is coming to India is GM1911. Moreover, it also won’t compromise in the speed as well.

In OnePlus 7 Pro you will be getting the Qualcomm lastest Snapdragon Chipset which is of 855 processor.

The camera configuration of OnePlus 7 Pro comes with the triple camera with the configuration of 48MP+16MP+8MP. It comes with a 4000 mAh battery with the support of fast-charging. Along with that, it comes with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB storage options running on Android 9 Pie with latest Oxygen OS.

What will be the design of OnePlus 7

Obviously, these images may be or may not be true. But these images and design are from leaks. Let us elaborate more about the design of OnePlus 7.

OnePlus 7 News

The latest trend followed by Vivo and Oppo, OnePlus 7 will come with the Pop-Selfie camera within its upcoming smartphone.

And it is not rumoured because the final design is circulating the internet so you will be getting the same design type.

The placement of Pop-of selfie camera is not placed at middle but to the side of the module.

You can see the screen to body ration. It has more than 90% with very low-bezzels and the bottom chin is very minimal giving a very premium look. Moreover, it comes with 6.67-inch Super Optic display

Moreover here you won’t get any physical finger-print sensor instead you will have the same In-Display Finger-print sensor. Along with that, you won’t get any headphone jack as well.

What camera specification do OnePlus 7 have?

It comes with the Triple camera with the Sony IMX 586 48MP sensor as the primary shooter.

48-megapixel primary sensor, a secondary sensor with a telephoto lens and a third sensor with an ultra wide-angle lens.

What will be the price of OnePlus 7

Soon after the global launch, the latest smartphone will hit the Indian markets after two days.  OnePlus 7 will come to India in the month of May and the exact is May 14. 

Obviously, the price will be increased and you may see the cost of around Rs.40,000.