OnePlus 7 Trailer direclty insults Apple iPhone XR in a sarcastic way

OnePlus 7 Trailer

I guess many people haven’t noticed this one. But we have noticed! The total scene is related to a single video which was released by OnePlus.

The trend of the Snapdragon 855 Processor is on the way to unveil all the cool smartphones this month.

So companies try different strategies and some sarcastic way to pin up other brands as well.

We all know that OnePlus is going to launch its smartphones OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro on May 14th and along with major smartphones are on the line up as well to give a tough competition to OnePlus. 

How OnePlus 7 trailer made fun iPhone XR?

As mentioned that companies usually launch videos to share the launch of their upcoming smartphones.

Companies feature the video with high graphical animation to attract the customers and to make the remembrance of their launch.

The next level of doing a different thing is to pinch the top brand company in an indirect way. That’s what the OnePlus have done it.

Thumbnail itself refers to Apple

Once if you watch the thumbnail carefully you can see the text written on the thumbnail. It states that.

” We just made your phone slow+r. ”

What they are referring to? It’s indirectly pointing out towards Apple iPhone XR which launched along with the iPhone XS.

What other we can see from the OnePlus 7 Video? ( Video Link Below )

When the OnePlus trailer video started, the messages reappear obviously but differently. You won’t see the “+” sign which was on the thumbnail.

It is just ” We just made your phone slower”.

Another ” We make features for phones, not keynotes”. This is direct to Apple and usually, Apple uses keynote word to showcase its launch videos.

This is the pretty much the 21-sec video in which OnePlus 7  trailer pinches Apple.

Some of the funny comments from the video are:

OnePlus: We just made your phone slower.

Apple: We just made your bank balance lower.

Which is hilarious!!!

However, these things need to be taken in a light-hearted way and OnePlus also used it in a sarcastic way. So it is not intended to hurt Apple fans. Moreover, Apple won’t give a damn to these videos.