OnePlus opened its one of the largest R&D center in India.

OnePlus Hyderabad

One of the reputation and successful premium smartphone brand announced its Research and Development center in Hyderabad, Telangana.

Within the span of 3-years, it will become the largest R&D center in India. This comes to the part to invest 1000-crore to develop its R&D center.

OnePlus Center Area

It will become one of the largest centers with the area size of 1,86,000 sq ft facility which warmed into 5-floors.

The area is wide enough to execute the task and accommodate many numbers of employees.

OnePlus has five R&D centers currently operating which are in…

  • USA
  • Three in China
  • One in Taiwan
  • Shenzen is the largest one. 

Lau, CEO of the OnePlus claimed that India R & D center will occupy the top mark in the coming years.

He said, Lau saw a lot of potential within the city and also the people along with proper business support from Government.

New plans of OnePlus

According to the reports Vikas Agarwal, the general manager of OnePlus is planning to come up with the more OnePlus offline stores and exclusive stores as well in  50-100 cities.

Like the Apple in the USA, OnePlus will have its one of the major hub in India which has the market share of 43%.

OnePlus CEO is coming to Hyderabad next week as the Telangana Government invited him to visit the manufacturing plants. So he can decide his next manufacturing plant in Hyderabad.

Works carried out in R & D center

As you know, R & D is basically a center in which all the research work is carried out. There won’t be any manufacturing unit or any high machinery process.

They concentrate on different new technology which includes.

  1. 5G Technology for their upcoming smartphones. It can include, speed test, chip compatibility, and many others.
  2. Development of new Hardware which can represent the OnePlus self-made hardware and that can be used by many other companies as well. Just to say an example of Sony camera sensor used by almost all the latest smartphones.
  3. Product development includes the next versions of OnePlus. They will figure out the latest and upcoming market trends and based on that they will come up with the latest design for the upcoming models.

Not limited to these, they do concentrate on different fields for all the type of research.

To that surprise, OnePlus has a manufacturing plant in Noida which makes the OnePlus smartphones for the Indian customers. Even OnePlus 7 Pro is delivered to the customers from the Noida plant.