OnePlus website hacked and company apologize for the data breach


Its been like, Cybersecurity has been top-notch in this industry as you can see the data breach, Hacking reports are popping up from all over the Industry.

Nevertheless, security breaches are occurring with major platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Pixel smartphones.

Unfortunately, the systems are so complex and advanced making a way for little vulnerabilities to have occurred.

OnePlus disclosed a breach

In the recent blog post from OnePlus, they have disclosed a data breach incident in which some users order information was accessed by an unauthorized party. All the information was posted by a OnePlus Security team staff member Ziv C.

According to the company report, a data breach doesn’t contain the user’s payment details and passwords stated that all accounts are marked safe.

OnePlus said, Before making this public, they have emailed impacted users first via email regarding this issue.

Information that hackers accessed

Hackers were able to successfully access the user contact info, Shipping address, purchased product info, email address.

At present, all systems were secured and stopped it from accessing a wide range of users’ data. The company also said that they have verified a complete website and ensured that there are no other flaws which can cause similar kinds of the breach in the future.

OnePlus strongly believe that the vulnerability lies in the website and hackers gained access through the website.

Impact on affected users

After the impact, users might receive spam emails and phishing emails or also get spammed as a result.

Still, the number of impacted users is not disclosed and it might a good significant number or else the company would reveal the number.

For impacted users, the company has apologized and told that they have emailed the impacted users. Moreover, they haven’t disclosed the exact vulnerability type which made hackers access the data.

Previous hacks from OnePlus

It is not the first time to have this type of breach, back in January 2018, the smartphone manufacture revealed that 40,000 customer credit card information was stolen.

This occurred due to the malicious script inserted into the companies web pages which made to leak financial data directly from the user’s web browser.

Credit card information leak is a major blow to the companies security reputation. Even this year in June, the OnePlus app was found to have the flaw that allowed thousands of email IDs of OnePlus smartphone users.

OnePlus action on this

The company said that it is partnering with a world-renowned security platform next month and will also launch the bug bounty program.