Read 20 FAQ’S before buying OnePlus 5

Read 20 FAQ'S before buying OnePlus 5

I will share some Frequently Asked Questions regarding OnePlus 5 which helps you to decide whether to buy or not.

1) Does it have a heating issue?

A) Ya, it has a little bit heating issue.If you listen to music for 3omin or more you can observe temperature increasing up to 38 degrees.

2) Does it have call recording option?

A) Yes, it has inbuilt call recording option. To enable. Dialer settings>Auto-record calls.

3) Are covers overpriced than previous versions?

A) No, If we compare to the previous ones, OnePlus 5 covers are slightly cheaper than OnePlus 3/3T.

4) Charging speed of OnePlus 5?

A) It takes 80-90 minutes for full charge.(0-100)

5) Does it support wireless charging?

A) No, so it won’t be compatible with wireless charging pads.

6) Should you upgrade to OnePlus 5 if you already have OnePlus 3T?

A) The only difference is, OnePlus 5 comes with dual-camera and it has latest Snapdragon 835. So, in my opinion, there is no need to upgrade to OnePlus 5.

7) Is it a future phone? Does it supports 5G?

A) We can’t say it confirmly that it supports 5G in future because in India 5G is going to launch after 2020.

8) Does OIS(Optical Image Stabilisation available?

A) No, EIS(Electronic Image Stabilisation) is present.

9) Does it have LED Notification?

A) Yes,  Go to Display<LED notification. You can add  LED notification for every application.

10) Can we use Pendrive?

A) Yes, you need to enable it by going to Settings<USB Storage.

11) Does it have 3.5mm Jack?

A) Yes

12) How is the Audio Quality?

A) Audio quality is impressive.

13) Does it have an infrared port(You can control TV’s, AC etc)?

A) No

14) What is the free volume of free storage in the OnePlus 5? 

A) For a 64GB variant of OnePlus 5,  you can use 50GB of free storage and 110GB for 128GB.

15)  Does it have Dual SIM?

A) Yes, OnePlus 5 comes with dual SIM, you can insert two Nano SIM’s which supports 4G.

16) Does it support for LTE and VOLTE networks?

A) Yes, OnePlus have support for LTE and VOLTE  networks.

17) What are the contents of the box?

A) It contains OnePlus 5 handset, dash charger, USB-type C cable, SIM extractor tool and some regulatory papers.

18) Can fingerprint lock be used on Apps too?

A) Yes, you can enable fingerprint lock for separate apps.

19) Does OnePlus 5 give gesture support?

A) Ya, as like as OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T, OnePlus 5 have gesture support.

20) How good is battery life?

A) Mostly battery lasts longer with auto brightness than normal. During the test, 90 minutes of watching YouTube battery drains up to 14 to 18%.


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