Oppo F11 Pro Unboxing-Complete detail impression of this new smartphone


Finally a new flagship product has laucnhed by Oppo in March 2019. It’s not the case that Oppo used to be before.

Drastically the top features which Oppo is bringing is a big deal. In this article we will have a look over the Unboxing of Oppo F11 Pro and along with the intial impressions of the phone.

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Box of Oppo F11 Pro

There’s no special about the box. The look and design of the box is as similar as other boxes of Oppo.

Oppo F11 Pro unboxing

You will get the version which you have purchased. It is mentioned over left edge of the box. And the Oppo branding at the top of the box.

You can see a stunning design phone at the top of the box.

Back panel of Oppo Box.

Main Core Features at the back-side.

The main core features of Oppo phone is mentioned over back panel of the box. Here it is mentioned…

  • It comes with 48 MP Dual-Rear camera.
  • 4000 mAh Battery
  • 16.5cm screen
  • System Boost technology
Pin Ejector tool.

When you just open the box you will first find the SIM Ejector PIN. Which looks very similar to iPhone. However it’s diameter may be little bit different. So don’t mix up these pins and keep it in a safe place.

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Oppo F11 Pro case which you will get with the box

It’s a slight a more advantage than other smartphones that case is provided within the box. We can’t say the quality is way better. But it’s good to use to for a couple of days.

The case is not made up of runner and it is type of stretchable solid and it protects very well. It doesn’t even look bulky at all.

Some written information

Along with case you will also get some reading manuals in which you will find some safety precautions and many other information. However warranty will be covered online directly.

Finally you will have phone

And after some paper information you will see the phone placed right beanth the case and information.

This is the view if you have a look over it from the back side. You will get some information on the sticker itself. However it is easy to know all aspects of phone without any information.

Now let’s keep this phone aside and let’s explore all components in box.

Here you can see you have some regular things which you will get with every phone. Here you will get charger adaptor and also with MICRO USB Type.

Oppo F11 Pro charger.

First the main aspect which we need to check is the charger rating. This can affect the total time taken to charge the phone.

The output rating mentioned on this charger is 5V-4AMP with the power output of 20WATT.

We also need to test the charger that in how much time it can charge the phone. However, Oppo claims that it comes with VOOC3 charging technology.

Charger cable for F11 Pro

Here you will get the cable inner porting in Green color which is slight different from other smartphones.

To get to the point the cable which you get with this phone is not USB C Type,with considering of budget. USB C type need to be given. Anyways we need to adjust with Micro USB Cable.

Earphones along with 3.5mm jack.

Here the good news you will get earphone that too with 3.5mm jack which is much relef news.

Unboxing of Oppo F11 Pro mobile

This is the first look of Oppo F11 Pro. The color is like shading Bluish Purpule which is a blend mix of two colors. The blend of two colors looks too shiny and premium.

A left side bottom the color will be blue and the upper top right you will get purple shade.

Before smnartphones used to get a single color we used to think only single color make the look of smnartphone good but this mix of colors is way more better than single color.

Black color in middle

To be suprising you will get black color in between. You will get to know if you remove the sticker placed in middle.

First let’s power on the device. To power, on the device you need to Hold the power button until you see the Oppo Logo and also a tagline called ” Powered by Android”.

Top of the phone you will get some basic sensors and also a camera mounted inside the case.

If you have a look over the left side of the phone you will get volume buttons as regular smartphones.

At the bottom you can also have a 3.5mm jack and also a speaker grill.

Here you can see the first look of the Oppo F11 Pro. it looks so good without Bezzels and it also looks immesive look and very rich.

Backside of the pannel you will get finger print sensor. Which fits perfectly and unlocks within milliseconds.

When you’re ready with everything you will get the interface in this way and the UI look cool even.

The OS which is used in Oppo F11 Pro is called ColorOS and you will get ColorOS 6 in this phone.

The display is quite good and very premium and you will also enjoy user-interface very much.

What you will get the information in settings Tab

If we have a look over settings in phone you will get the following aspects.

  • Android Pie Software.
  • Latest OS
  • Android Version 9
  • Processor is Octa-Core
  • MediaTek Helio P70  Processor
  • 6 GB RAM and 64 GB internal storage.

You will also get regular security updates as well. At present you will have security update for February.

Oppo F11 Pro Camera

Oppo is mainly concentrated on camera so it mounted a 48 MP Dual-Camera.

You will also get a secondary camera of 5MP.

When ever you will open front camera you will able to see the automatic pop camera coming out from the top notch with transition.

You will get 16 MP front-facing camera and with that you can have a good quality photo even when you zoom the pictures.

When ever you come back from front facing camera the Pop camera automatically slides down into the notch.

What are the other camera features in Oppo F11 Pro

  • Night Mode: Nothing much discuss , let’s have a look over camera sample of Night mode in this phone.
Normal Mode Night Mode

You can clearly notice the difference between Normal Mode and Night Mode. Especially in Night mode the colors got more brighter and much softer. However, I like the naturality which has in the Normal Mode.

Normal Mode Night Mode

In this, it is quite a better photo which was shot in Night Mode. So when you’re shooting landscape at night with a light. To get natural photos, normal mode has an advantage over night mode.

In this situation Night Mode works a way better than normal. Which is a clear cut a good Add-on to the smartphone.

It is shot from the 43 MegaPixel Rear camera of Oppo F11 Pro which looks stunning. The details of the picture are very clear and distinct.

  • Photo Ratio Feature:

You will be having ratios of…

  • 4:3
  • 1:1
  • Full-Screen
  • 4:3 Ultra-HD

If you select the photo ratio of 4:3 you will get standard 12 MegaPixel photo. If you select 4:3 Ultra-HD ratio in that you will get 48 Megapixel photo.

If you can use Faceunlock as well. The front camera pop’s up very soon so you won’t see any delay in changing camera’s.

If you’re concern about performance. So no need to worry you will get good a good processor and you won’t notice any lags while using it.

This is pretty much related to JUST unboxing and some intitial impression. In another article you will get to see a complete review regarding Oppo F11 Pro.