PayTm lauches it’s First Credit Card and you must know about it


Paytm has its success in the way of all high and it has into various departments. One of the biggest department was the Paytm mall and the interesting in which you get a huge-cash back and you won’t even get it in any other E-commerce store.

At present Paytm has tied with Citibank to launch its first credit card. Moreover, many e-commerce giants follow this to launch their credit cards.

Even Ola has done launched a Co-branded credit card. Paytm has always impressed us with their offers every time by offering discounts and many others.

So at this time, people may have a lot of hopes on paytm credit card to get more offers and less cost compared to other credit cards in the market.

What will be the fees of Paytm credit card?

If you wonder some of the banks do offer free credit cards but here you need to pay Rs. 500 Annual Fee.

Now its a point of having a perfect offer and need to whether the Credit will be a worthy point to apply.

Rewards and offers of the Paytm credit card

Paytm makes things simple as their offers itself offers a better offer which can be applied without any terms and conditions.

You will get direct 1% cashback on all your spends irrespective of category.

How you will get those rewards?

You don’t need to do any other work to get the cash back into your account. The points will be auto-credited every month into your bank. So here you will get the freedom option to where to use the reward points which is great.

paytm credit card

The thing is you don’t need to wait for minimal withdrawal as well. Even if you get Rs.100 rewards. You can use it anywhere. Moreover, it is not mandatory to pay that via Paytm. You can withdraw or directly swipe the card to use as you will get the reward points directly to the bank account.

Uses of Auto-Credit

  • It can increase the reward value
  • No minimum criteria
  • No fee

Some more awesome benefits with Paytm credit card.

You can avail Paytm promo codes worth Rs. 10,000 on a minimum spend of Rs. 10,000 in the first four months.

Promo codes can be in the form of Movie Tickets, food coupons, bills, recharges and much more.

What are the Pros and cons of the Paytm Credit Card


  • 1% direct cashback to a bank account.
  • Simple process.
  • Better offers than other cards.
  • No maximum cap on reward points. You can earn as much as you spend.


  • You won’t get any other extra benefit on Paytm spends.
  • Difficult to get it.

How to apply for Paytm credit card

The selection of people made it somewhat differently. Citi and Paytm had built a separate tool to know the creditworthiness of the customers.

This tool will help people to get credit cards even if they don’t have a good credit history.

At present, the card will be issued to the people in the process of Invitation. If you have an invitation onĀ  Paytm you will get to apply for the card. Later they will enable all customers at present they have chosen to offer to limited people.