Paytm Warns people not to download these Apps. Look at the Apps


Be alert! Yes, you can’t neglect it anyways. You’re supposed to be away with these Apps or else your bank balance can go empty.

The warning and alert are issued from the Paytm. So, it can be a serious issue with these scam applications.

The whole scenario everyone should know

If you’re a user of keeping Mobile wallet along with the bank account attached to it or else you’re updating your KYC. Then you must be very cautious.

However, you need to update your KYC to all wallets before August 31st. Later, updation may have some additional charge to complete the KYC process.

Updating KYC is very crucial and many fraud application take advantage over this to loot your money.

While updating your KYC, don’t even download any application and don’t even allow any person. You’re supposed to be more careful with Any Desk and Quicks Port.

UPI and other wallet apps requested customers to not to download any of the mentioned applications.

Remote Apps are very dangerous.

Many fraudsters coming up with remote apps like App Desk to attack Paytm account holders and successfully looting the holder’s money.

Even RBI has warned people not to use Remote apps which can easily give access to your personal information and can cause major losses.

At present, if you’re using any of the remote apps. I recommend you to delete those and try to work out in any other way or else use them in a phone in which you don’t have any payment related apps.

Phone calls fraud

This is not new, however, fraudsters call to general people claiming issues related to your KYC and you can become a victim in their hand if you share any pieces of information via phone.

Also, in a different way, they will tell you to download the remote application and after download and following their instruction your money will be looted for sure.

Safe Points to follow

  • Never ever share your passwords to anyone online.
  • No one will call for asking OTP or KYC. You will just see the KYC update message on the official payments app only.
  • Don’t download any unknown or Remote apps.
  • Try to check your smartphone for any unknown application got installed automatically.
  • Don’t allow all the permissions for the app you’re not sure.
  • Don’t download any reputed app or normal app using APK.
  • The safest way to complete your KYC is to go to your nearby store or else use the door-to-door service to complete it.

The following points can help you to keep the fraudsters away.

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