Increase revenue by placing Ads at targeted positions

Increase revenue by placing Ads at targeted postions
Increase revenue by placing Ads at targeted positions
How to place Ads anywhere on your website

If you are searching for ad placements on your website, then you might have to get approval from Google Adsense or try to place Affiliate links.

Placing Ads in a perfect targeted position is very crucial to generating high revenue. Most bloggers use free themes in which you can’t place Ads wherever you want and even in premium themes you don’t have full control to place Ads in targeted areas.

Manually we can’t change the coding of our theme as most of the bloggers are not aware of technical coding. So, here is a solution.

Have you ever heard the name plugin? If yes, then you might know what I am going to share in this post. However, plugins are which make changes to our theme files and helps to complete work without any coding. So, as same to place to Ads on our website. We have some plugins through which we can link our Adsense account and can control directly from those plugins.

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Here I will share some plugins which are very popular and provide many features.


1)  Advanced Ads.

Advanced Ads is a WordPress AdSense plugin.

With Advanced Ads plugin, we can create and manage Ads efficiently.

Choosing Ads types is also very easy with help of this plugin.

The plugin is well optimized for Google Adsense as it automatically detects out publisher ID and detects which Ad type it is.

This plugin not only supports Google Adsense but also supports other popular networks such as Amazon, and many others.Advanced Ads

Ad types:

  • Insert code for any ad and affiliate networks (e.g., AdSense, Chitika, Amazon, BuySellAds, DoubleClick,, … )
  • Dedicated support for all types of Google AdSense banners, including Responsive, InFeed and InArticle ads
  • Display images and image banners
  • Create content-rich ads with the WordPress TinyMCE editor
  • Use shortcodes within ads (to also deliver advertisements from other ad plugins like AdRotate or Simple Ads Manager)

Display Ads:

  • Use functions to display ads in template files
  • Use shortcodes to place them manually in post content
  • Show ads in sidebars and widget areas
  • Disable all ads on specific pages
  • Display multiple ads (ad blocks)
  • Display a customizable label, e.g., “Advertisements” above each ad


Installing Instruction for Advanced Ads.

  1. Navigate to the ‘Add New’ in the plugins dashboard
  2. Search for ‘advanced ads’
  3. Click ‘Install Now’
  4. Activate Advanced Ads on the Plugin dashboard


2) Ad Rotate Banner manager.

Adrotate is very popular wordpress plugin for Adsense.

It offers an excellent way to optimize your ads and you can quickly test your ads for better performance.

The free version of the plugin comes with a lot of features and it also has sample UI and thus offers great user experience.

Adrotate supports multiple Ads like.. Adsense, Double click, DFP, JuicyAds etc.

If you are using managed WordPress then these two plugins are best. Even though I will provide other plugin links you can check it out.

Installing Adrotate on your website

  1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to the Plugins page.
  2. On the Plugins page click “Add New” and select “Upload”.
  3. Upload the file and wait for WordPress to tell you it’s finished. This may take a few seconds.
  4. Navigate to the Plugins page and activate AdRotate Professional.

Even I will provide extra plugins. You can even check it out.

  1. Ad Injection  
  2. Google Adsense By BestWebSoft
  3. Easy Plugin for Adsense


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