Read these 35 Faq’s about Xiaomi Poco F1 before buying it


I do prefer the review in the form of FAQ’S because it will be brief and it will make you make the right decision in minutes. Let’s have a look over these FAQ’S of Poco F1

1) What about the built quality of Xiaomi Poco F1? 

They have compromised regarding built quality because it comes with Polycarbonate body. This material is slightly similar to plastic. At the range of Rs. 21,000 we can easily say that the built quality is not so good.

2) Does it give competition to OnePlus 6 camera?

Yes, it does give competition to OnePlus 6 because it has a back camera of 12 MP sensor with f/1.9. In the video department, we can’t compare it with OnePlus 6 because OnePlus 6 has optical Image Stabilization whereas Xiaomi Poco F1 lags behind it.

3) Did we experience any lag while testing this phone?

While testing this phone, we did not notice any lag in it because it has a Snapdragon 845 processor and comes with 8 GB of RAM.

4) Which phone is better in battery life comparing with honor play?

Obviously, Xiaomi Poco F1 has a better battery life comparing with Honor Play.

5) Does it have dual 4G support?

Yes, it does have dual 4G support.

6) Asus Zenfone 5Z vs xiaomi Poco F1 which one do we choose?

In simple, Asus Zenfone price is around 30K, and Poco is around 20K, but Asus has Optical Image stabilization whereas Poco doesn’t have that. If we compare with the Front camera, Poco comes with 20 MP, and Asus Zenfone comes with 12MP. I choose Poco regarding the budget.

Some FAQ’S about Asus Zenfone 5z which helps you to decide.

7) Does Poco F1 have all sensors?

Yes, it has all crucial sensors. Moreover, Face Unlock (Unlocks even in dark conditions) and the fingerprint sensor are super fast. NFC and IR Blaster sensors are not present.

8) Why is Xiaomi Poco offering these many features in low-price?

Mainly keeping their profit-margins little to increase their reach into the markets. Profit-margin will be around Rs.2000 to 4000.

9) Does the yellow shade problem in the camera will be fixed with software updates?

Yes, as many people are facing this issue and it will definitely be fixed with software updates.

10) Does it have 3D sound effects like Honor Play?

No, it doesn’t have any sound effects like Honor Play.

11) If the liquid cooling system failed, what will be the other option?

Air cooling will be working at those times.

12)  What is SOT?

Whether it is official or un-official SOT stands for screen-on-time. 🙂 For this phone easily we can get SOT for 6 to Hrs. Even for massive users battery life lasts for one working day. If you’re an average user, battery life lasts for two days.

13) What are the significant drawbacks of Xiaomi Poco F1?

We didn’t notice any major-drawbacks of Poco F1, but you have the yellow colour issue in camera. Besides that while recording video, the internal microphone has the low voice. If you want to post directly recorded video to YouTube, you will face audibility problem because of low sound.

14) Does it support Google camera app?

At present, it is not supporting for Google camera App.

15) Which one will be better for Gaming? Xiaomi Poco F1 or Honor Play?

Undoubtedly Xiaomi Poco F1 because it comes with Adreno 630 GPU, which is very powerful than the Honor Play GPU.

16) How is the Gaming performance compared with OnePlus 6?

There is no difference in terms of graphics also.

17) Is polycarbonate durable, is there a chance to break?

I can say, it is not so durable. Yes, there is a chance of breakage if it is dropped on a hards-surface.

18) Does it have the stereo speaker?

Yes, it does have stereo speakers and the audio quality from 3.5 mm jack is also good.But not so loud.

19) Which UI ( User Interface) it uses?

It comes with custom MI UI 9.5, so the custom UI features will be the same as Xiaomi phones.

20) Does it support quick charging?

It takes 2 hrs to charge 7% to 100%. I can say the charging is quick as it has 4000 mAh battery.

21) Is the Poco F1 good for the Long run or the speed will be gradually decreasing by the passing years?

No need to worry! Easily this phone lasts for at least 3 years. However, you will get bored and you will decide to change the phone.?

22) Does this phone get regular Android updates?

No, I don’t think so but you will get frequent user interface updates.

23) What about the Gaming experience in Xiaomi Poco F1?

At this price range, it would be the best phone you can ever get for Gaming. It comes with Snapdragon 845 and it handles any high graphical games very efficiently without any lags.

24) What about the display of this phone? 

It comes with IPS LCD display, 6.18 Inch Full HD. 1080×2246 Pixel display and moreover PPI is 403 which increases the sharpness of the display. Viewing angles, sunlight visibility, and everything are upto the mark.

25) Can we record 4K videos?

Yes, you can record 4K videos but you won’t get Optical Image Stabilization.

26) What about the front camera?

You will get the 20MP camera with f/2.0 which is good.

27) Does it have notification LED light?

Yes, it does have LED at the bottom of the phone.

28) Is FM Radio a part of this phone?

Yes, you will get FM Radio on this phone.

29) Does this phone show any difference between 6GB and 8GB RAM model?

I would say No unless you’re a developer.

30) Can we expand memory by Memory card?

Yes upto 256 GB

31) Does it have OTG functionality?

Yes, it does have that functionality, but unfortunately, it doesn’t detect any type of Hard Disk. So if you’re willing to connect Hard Disk. It won’t become alive. ?

32) Can we upgrade this phone to Android Pie?

Yes 🙂

33) Does this Custom UI have bugs?

Yes, some Apps crashes and sometimes other apps are not working as efficiently as it should perform. But don’t worry these bugs can be fixed with coming updates.

34) Does this phone accept voice commands automatically?

No, you need to switch on manually for Voice commands. Ok, Google doesn’t come live just by saying ” Ok Google”.

35) What about the support of HD movies in Netflix?

Unfortunately, you cannot play HD videos on Netflix if you have an account.

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