PUBG is banned for CRPF Cops as it is affecting their mind! Insane

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You already know that PUBG is a very popular game.

How Popular PUBG game is?

To explain the popularity you just need to look into PUBG stats. In 2018, more than 400 million people have played PUBG on all the platforms.

Company has sold more than 50 million copies on Windows PC and Xbox One.

So when you calculate that more than 350 million people play PUBG on mobile phones.

Why PUBG is so addicted?

The gameplay goes on to the battlefield in which you need to kill other opponents in the open area of battle.

It comes with high definition graphics and it looks so relatives and you can play with your friends as well.

Many people started living by posting PUBG YouTube videos. That’s awesome. But no matter what, if anything goes beyond limits it will definitely affect.

The intense and addiction got in that stage that the government needs to ban the game in some regions.

In which place PUBG got banned?


In some parts of Gujarat, PUBG is banned including Rajkot, Surat, Gir Somnath, Ahmedabad and Bhavnagar.

Tamil Nadu

In Vellore Insititute of Technology also issued a ban on the game in the university. You are not allowed to play in Hostel premises.


China is one of the biggest markets and it is banned for the people who are below 10 years.

But surprisingly now it for CRPF ( Central Reserve Police Force).

Why CRPF’s are not allowed to play PUBG

It is India’s largest Central Armed Police force. In the circular posted for Jawans, and the Anti-insurgency coBRA unit, it delivered ordered not to play PUBG.

pubg ban

The ban is very serious and it will be strictly implemented and all the soldier’s phone will be monitored.

Deputy Inspectors-general ( DIG’S) ensure that the game must be deleted to all personnel under your command.

PUBG is negatively affecting the soldiers.

Especially for soldiers the timing, exercise, diet, skill all are very crucial or else it can affect them very badly.

In the Bihar unit, they have observed that Jawans are not on duty any more and they are not performing their tasks as expected. They are in sleep at unusual times. This is because of addicting to the game of PUBG.

Only because of this reason they have received orders to delete the PUBG application. It should be some extent to the gameplay. It has been extreme that it got banned.

Even the creators should implement some updates into the game to limit the play time so that it cannot be a problem any more. This can help very much to stop further problems.

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