How to Book Railway Tickets From Reliance Jio Phone


Reliance industries are well-known for its Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited an Indian mobile network operator.

Reliance launched Jio in 2010 and from that the journey of Jio network takes off.

Within few years of journey the growth graph of Jio network has marked up the heights of the success.

Later in mid-July of 2018, Reliance Jio launched Jio cell phones at the very reasonable rate i.e. around Rs. 1500-2000 for the middle and lower class people to get in touch with the digital technology.

As the phone launched, later many updates and changes came in it. Now the Jio cell phones are capable of browsing internet, Facebook, whatsApp, video and voice call.

Railway Tickets

Recently, Jio launched its smart phone again at the cost effective price as the Jio network.

The best part is that Reliance industries have adopted a mantra “Change is Constant”, due to this they always keep on adding new features in the newly launched Jio cell phones.

Best you can do with Rs. 1500 Phone.

Jio cell phones have their own App store in which you can install, buy and check the updates of the applications installed.

Book Railway Tickets from Jio Application.

So with that all applications Reliance Jio have launched the Jio Rail App, especially for the Jio cell phones.

The app is being launched for the Jio phones and Jio phones 2 users in India to book the Rail tickets without any hassle.

Follow the Steps to buy the Railway Tickets from Jio Rail App:

  • Open the Jio App Store in your Jio Phone/Jio Phone 2.
  • Download the Jio Rail App.
  • Pick one option from the listing. Let’s say Train Booking.
  • Type all the necessary details as per requirements.
  • Get all the information instantaneously.

Jio Rail App is bit simple and easy to operate app, it is not as complicated as the other railway apps.

Simply a non-digital person can also get use to of it. The App has the simple, easy and smooth operating features that help a user to buy or cancel the Railyway Tickets tickets.

What all you can do with the Jio Rail App

Jio Rail App was launched in India in the end of the January 2019; the app is available on the Jio App Store of the Jio phone and Jio phone 2.

Along many notable features, Jio allows the customer to book or cancel the Railyway tickets through App only.

IRCTC Number

Jio Rail App uses the IRCTC’s reserved booking services for booking and canceling of the Railway tickets.

If the user don’t have IRCTC number can create a one for him through app only, as Jio rail app has an option to create new account and then proceed to buy the tickets.

PNR Status

Through this app a user can check PNR status for their existing tickets. Reliance Jio have also revealed that they will plan to upgrade this feature by PNR status change alerts and you can locate your train in real-time base.

Train Information

With the Jio Rail App user can check the train information, routes, and seat availability.

So, if a user wishes to travel can check the availability of the train from its Jio phone and can book the ticket online through the Jio Rail App.

Money Transactions

As user login through IRCTC number in their Jio Rail App. A user will be completing the procedure of selecting train and seat availability, during the time of the transaction.

User don’t have to worry they can use their debit cards, credit cards or e-wallets to complete the transaction and enjoy the journey.

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Hence, users can use debit cards, credit cards and e-wallets for booking and cancelling Railway tickets through Jio Rail App

How to book Tatkal Ticket from Jio Phone

The biggest news of the time is, the Jio Rail App can book the tatkal tickets for a user.

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This can help any Jio phone user to buy the ticket in so easy way and can be free from the hassle of running to buy the Railway tickets to the station.

Future Updating

With this all basic features, Reliance Jio is planning to update this app soon, adding features like live train status, if PNR status is changes than it shows alert, locating the train and ordering the food during the journey through Jio Rail App.

Thease all are the most sure updating feature of the Jio Rail App and will be launched soon as you known they believe “Change is Constant”.

Reliance Jio has also launched the WhatsApp for the Jio phone users; anyhow it came late, in the ending of the last year i.e.2018.

WhatsApp for Jio phones are of the similar versions as for the Android and iPhone, it has an end-to-end encryption.

The Jio phone WhatsApp users can record and send the voice messages and can also carry out the group conversations. However, it doesn’t allow the users to have a voice and video calls.

But yes not losing the hope, it will be soon update and Jio phone users will also be able to have a voice and video calls along with many exciting features.