Check out these 31 FAQ’s about OnePlus 6 before purchasing


Willing to Upgrade to OnePlus 6? If yes, Wait… Before purchasing or preferring to make sure you are aware of all the features and even some answers of which you need to keep in mind before purchasing. So I have created a list of some useful FAQ’s which indeed help you to make your decision easy.

Before proceeding,

Let’s have a look of Specification of OnePlus 6.

– 6.2in 2280×1080 Full Optic AMOLED 19:9 display
– Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 with 8GB LPDDR4X RAM
– 64GB, 128GB or 256GB storage
– Dual 16MP (f/1.7) and 20MP cameras with OIS, Advanced HDR
– 16MP front-facing camera with ‘Portrait Mode’
– Rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, Face Unlock
– Android 8.1 Oreo with OxygenOS
– USB-C, 3.5mm headphone jack
– Cat 16 LTE support
– Midnight Black, Mirror Black, Silk White colour option

FAQ related to OnePlus 6

1) Does OnePlus 6 come with dual 4G LTE?

A) Yes, you can use 4G on secondary SIM even.

2) Worth upgrading from 5T to 6?

A) No, the only upgrade which you will notice compared to 5T is… 1) Camera improvements 2) Processor. It lacks Wireless charging though having glass design and it still comes with a mono speaker, but I expected to be with stereo speaker and it only prevents from splashes of water droplets but cannot use underwater or during shower.

3) Does camera improved compared to Oneplus 5T?

A) Yes, OnePlus 6 performs way better in Low lighting conditions than OnePlus 5T and OIS( Performs way better than Electronic Image stabilization)  is also added for primary camera whereas EIS present in 5T. It comes with updated software along with the faster and upgraded 845 processor.

4) What are the features we can expect from OnePlus 6T?

A) Features which we can expect in next-generation OnePlus can be of fully water resistant, wireless charging and stereo speaker.

5) Does it have Portrait Mode for front Camera?

A) It has been enabled with the latest software update.

6) Does it have Multicolor Notification Light?

A) Yes, you will be getting multicolour notification light.

7) Any improvements regarding speaker compared to 5T?

A) No, speaker, quality and loudness is same on both the phones.

8) Does it have Optical Image Stabilization for both primary and secondary camera?

A) OIS is only enabled for the Primary camera.

9) How is OIS works in terms of Video?

A) Simply unbelievable, OIS while recording video blows you up.

10) How is Call quality?

A) It’s not a problem.

11) How is Audio Recording?

A) Audio recording is way crispier and better than OnePlus 5T. Those who are willing to VLOG with OP6, this would be best.

12) How is camera performance compared to Nokia 7 Plus?

A) OnePlus 6 performs beats Nokia in terms of Low lighting conditions and Video stabilization as well as quality.

13) Sound quality in headphones compared to LGV30?

A) LGV30 have better Audio headphone output than OnePlus 6.

14) Is it possible to record 4K@30/60 FPS with front facing camera?

A) No, It is only possible to record with the rear camera.

15) Some features of latest Snapdragon 845...

A) It is 64 Bit Octa-Core chip and uses Samsung’s 10nm design process. It boasts 25% boost in performance when compared to last year 835 processor.

16) On which Android version does OnePlus 6 run?

A) OnePlus 6 has it’s own Oxygen OS for skin and it runs on Android Oreo and can be upgradable to Android P.

17) Display Glass for OnePlus 6?

A) It comes with Corning Gorilla Glass 5.

18) How much PPI does OnePlus 6 have?

A) 402 PPI

19) Can we disable notch?

A) Yes, if you don’t like notch you can disable it from Settings>Notch Display 

20) Does it have inbuilt Night Mode?

A) Yes

21) How does reading mode work on OP6?

A) It turns your whole screen into Black and white which doesn’t affect your eyesight while reading and you can even add apps to the reading mode which converts into black and white automatically when you open them.

22) Is OnePlus 6 perfect for Gaming?

A) It’s super for Gaming, as it is the only phone having Snapdragon 845 processor which makes the smooth gaming experience and there are no frame drops or lags while playing HD games even and temperature goes up to 43 to 45 degree while playing HD games which we can say that the temperature is in limits.

23) Some features of Oxygen OS…

A) You can access 2 same applications at a time, reading mode, night mode, Automatic call recording, App lock, direct video calling etc…

24) Can we use Fingerprint sensor along with Face Unlock?

A) Yes, you can use both.

25) Does it have FM Radio?

A) No, it doesn’t have FM radio.

26) What about Battery life?

A) It comes with 3300mh battery, it works all day long with 4G.

27) How much time does it take to charge 0-100?

A) It takes 90 minutes for full charge.

28) Does it have support for Hybrid Slot or Micro SD?

A) It doesn’t support for Hybrid and additional Micro SD, it supports only for Dual SIM.

29) Does it have support for OTG functionality?

A) Yes, you can enable it by clicking Settings>Advanced>OTG Storage.

30) Can we record slow-motion in 1080P?

A) Yes, you can record slow-motion videos at 1080P 240FPS, but it doesn’t perform much good in Low-Lighting.

31) Can we record 1080P videos with front facing camera?

A) Yes, you can and quality is pretty good, but if you enable EIS in front facing camera picture zooms up so much which is very irritating.


Let me know in the comment section if you have any other questions to be answered.