Read these new 2018 YouTube monetization rules before starting YouTube

Read these new 2018 YouTube policies before starting YouTube


Youtube is an open platform to everyone who wants to express their talents in the form of videos and make their living from YouTube.

The YouTube industry has grown a lot more than what it was before, new policies, new things, competitions, revenue increase and many more.

Many young generations of people after completion of their graduation likely showing interest to start a new YouTube channel. As because…


  1. No initial investment
  2. Unlimited Videos posting
  3. Automatic recommendation
  4. Takes less time to grow and earn if your videos are of good and contain useful content.


But before… There are lots of new policies YouTube had rolled out this year… Let’s understand those for better clarification


How many Views are required for YouTube Partner Program(YPP)?

YPP eligibility requirement of 10,000-lifetime views. While that threshold provided more information to determine whether a channel followed our community guidelines and policies, it’s been clear over the last few months that we need a higher standard.


How many subscribers are and watching hours are required for eligibility to earn money(Monetization)

The eligibility requirement for monetization to 4,000 hours of watch time within the past 12 months and 1,000 subscribers. We’ve arrived at these new thresholds after thorough analysis and conversations with creators like you. They will allow us to significantly improve our ability to identify creators who contribute positively to the community and help drive more ad revenue to them (and away from bad actors). These higher standards will also help YouTube prevent potentially inappropriate videos from monetizing which can hurt revenue for everyone.

Though these changes will affect a significant number of channels, 99% of those affected were making less than $100 per year in the last year, with 90% earning less than $2.50 in the last month. Any of the channels who no longer meet this threshold will be paid what they’ve already earned based on our AdSense policies. After thoughtful consideration, YouTube believes these are necessary compromises to protect our community.

Of course, size alone is not enough to determine whether a channel is suitable for monetization, so YouTube continues to use signals like community strikes, spam, and other abuse flags to ensure we’re protecting our creator community from bad actors. As we continue to protect our platform from abuse, we want to remind all of you to follow YouTube’s Community GuidelinesMonetization Basics & PoliciesTerms of Service, and Google AdSense program policies, as violating any of these may lead to removal from the YouTube Partner Program.


YouTube harsh punishment for Bad creators.

Let’s figure out.. in what case and how you can be a bad creator of YouTube community and how does YouTube decide that you are a bad creator. By the way, YouTube hasn’t named anything like ” Bad creators”. In short, you can say… content which can cause disturbance to people. To make it simpler, let’s understand this by taking a live example…

Some clever people who have enough knowledge about YouTube, they just try to think, how to create attractive(in a bad way) content by following community guidelines carefully. At the same time, their content may be disturbing but doesn’t fall under violation.

The perfect example we can take that is of Logan Paul the famous YouTuber, created a video related to a suicide victim and he got hate from all over the world and even YouTube had responded to this, you can read the following tweets. So, we can conclude that, though the content doesn’t violate the community guidelines, but for sure the video is quite disturbing and inappropriate and we can call this is as a Bad creator or Bad content.

So, Did YouTube deleted his channel? What action had been taken against him? Well, Logan Paul is one of the top YouTuber’s and he is also a part of YouTube Red. It’s quite difficult decision for YouTube to delete his whole channel. Besides that, YouTube had removed him from YouTube Red and temporarily disable his Adsense account.

After this incident, YouTube had decided to follow very strict rules if anyone uploads disturbing content or bad content. Here I will let you know, what can be the punishments you may receive from YouTube.

1) Permanent suspension of Adsense account. (Depends on how bad and disturbing your content is)

2) Youtube won’t recommend your videos.

3) If you subscribe any other channel, you will be able to see recommended channels. Even there YouTube won’t recommend your channel.

4) If you are watching any video, YouTube won’t recommend your videos on the sidebar.

By this, the visibility of your videos will be negligible to users and your channel will stop growing.


The simple thing you need to follow is… Your content should be real, under community guidelines and should not be more disturbing to others like suicide, Human trafficking etc.

Delete you channel if you have less subscriber base or else delete those bad content and try to upload fresh new good content if you think you still have some type of bad content left in your channel.