Realme C2 unboxing best budget smartphone for Rs.6000

realme c2

This is the most requested post which I ever got, so here you will get see the complete unboxing and initial impressions of the Realme C2. Along with Realme 3 Pro, they have launched Realme C2.

Realme C1 is also a Budget smartphone and this time they have come up with the same scenario which will be fall in the category of Rs. 6000 range.

What is the real AIM of Realme?

It is mainly meant for people who want to purchase a smartphone which has a touch screen and features. The main AIM of Realme is to offer every person should be having a smartphone with a proper internet connection. However, Jio has come up with the same concept of launching a feature phone with packed features.

But at the end of the day, it cannot relate with the touch screen smartphone and experience.

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Realme is a Sub-Brand of Oppo.

Now, this is the second phone launched by Oppo and earlier it came up with Realme C1 which also performed pretty well in the market.

Let’s go with Unboxing…

The outer box of Realme C2.

When you look over the package design of the phone is no cheap and low-quality. It is looking elegant and very attractive.

When Realme C2 is going to come to the sale?

You can start ordering Realme C2 from May 15 on Flipkart.

What is the price of Realme C2 ?

It is mainly concentrated on the budget criteria and people who want to use the smartphone for the first time. Realme C2 starts from the price of Rs. 5,999. Moreover, you will get all the proper specification at this price range. Read further to know more.

  • For 2GB RAM, 16 GB Model you will get at Rs. 5,999.
  • 3 GB RAM, 32 GB Model you will get at Rs. 7,999

What are the main specifications of the Realme C2?

  • 6.1 INCH HD+ IPS LCD Display with a waterdrop notch.
  • 2GB/16GB,2GB/32GB,3GB/32GB. There will be a seperate slot for Micro-SD
  • Octa-core MediaTek Helio P22 SOC
  • ¬†Back Camera 13 MP F2.2 & 2MP F2.4 Depth. ( Slomotion is also available)
  • Front Camera 5MP F2.0
  • Faceunlock
  • Dual VoLTE Support.
  • 4000 mAH Battery
  • Black and Blue colours.

After removing the upper portion…

Do we get a case in the Realme C2 phone?

As this will be a budget smartphone you won’t get any case with the smartphone.

Realme C2 comes with a Diamond Cut finish

Here you can see the design which comes with a diamond cut which looks really good and premium. It doesn’t even look like a phone with a price tag of Rs. 6000.

Before Realme 1 used to get the diamond cut design and now Realme C2 is with this design which is a great thing in design perspective.

The finish of this phone will be a slightish rubber mix with plastic with an awesome grip. So if you’re a normal user then the case is also not required.

Do we get screen guard pre-applied?

Yes, you will get the screen guard pre-applied but you won’t get a case within it.

Charger and USB Cable

Next, under the phone hood you will get the charger and the USB along with it and you won’t get earphones in this.

When we get into charger specifications, it comes with 5V, 2 A.

Phone after booting up

After booting up you will get see in this way. It comes with waterdrop notch which looks so premium and elegant. If your budget is really to the close of Rs. 6000 then this is one you need to purchase it.

Display and Design

Realme C2 comes with 6.1-inch HD+ display. It comes with Corning Gorilla Glass protection but the version is not specified.

realme c2

A like with other premium smartphones it has fewer bezels and less chin with premoum notch design which makes the phone look outstanding.

realme c2

At the bottom, you will get the 3.5 MM jack, speaker grill and primary microphone. At the top, you won’t get any buttons and it is left empty. In this phone, you won’t get noise cancellation mic.


realme c2

Backside you can see you will get Dual-Camera setup with 8 MP + 2MP. There is no Fingerprint sensor you need to depend on Faceunlock only.

You can also click Portrait shots in Realme C2. Along with that, you will get…

  • Pano
  • Expert
  • Time-Lapse
  • Slomo

Some of the camera samples of Realme C2

The camera quality is pretty good.

Software and Hardware

When you navigate to about phone you will get the phone specification easily…

  • Android Version 9
  • Processor Dual Core
  • RAM 3GB
  • Security Patch is March 5, 2019.

Do we get bloatware with Realme C2

Unfortunately Yes, you will get a lot of bloatware. There are many useless apps installed on the phone. No worries! You can uninstall them expect Google default Apps.


You will get…

realme c2

  • Physical Gyroscope
  • Faceunlock
  • Accelerometer

At this price range, you will get all the required sensors.

Can we watch YouTube Videos in 1080P?

The screen comes with 720P so you cannot watch 1080P videos. But you won’t find much difference.


Let me keep it simple and clear… If you have Low-Budget. This phone will be the best buy for you. It comes with a notch , good camera, sensors and display. As of normal user, these are main things which are required on the smartphone.