Do Realme Earbuds Worth to Buy? Let’s Figure Out.


For today’s generation after the cell phones, the other most important thing comes are earphones.

As to enjoy the best sound quality, calling and experiencing bass earphones become the best option.

Usually people believe in buying the headsets or earphones costing between the ranges of 500 to 1000.

Investing on earphones more than that means a thing which we can’t use also and have to keep very carefully.

Using cheaper and better quality earphones with long sustainable life are also available in the market.

Let’s check out how this Earbuds work…

  1. Build Quality
  2. Sound Quality
  3. Audio Quality

Build Quality of Realme Earbuds

Let’s check out one of the best cost effective and quality earphone of Realme. Realme had recently launched their earphones which are cheaper in cost and of a good build quality.

Realme Buds usually comes in the kit box with the yellow box packaging. The boxes are of good quality as per the costing.

With the ear buds there are also two extra ear tips in the box. This ear tips are usually used when the attached one is lost.

realme earbuds

These earphones are having magnetic ear buds and it’s good to get this facility at this price cost, but the actual ear buds are of the plastic.

It also consists of mic, volume control keys and receiving call button. Buttons are little bit hard to operate.

The wire of the earphone from where the two wires get apart is made up of rubber material.

However, the rubber quality is good and thick as per the price. The wire below that is the graded wire, as per the price the quality of the wire of this earphones is good and it won’t get destroyed.

This Realme EarBuds have the good build quality that can work for the persons who are mostly traveling and have the daily use of it.

Sound Quality of Realme Buds.

The main functionality of the earphones is their sound quality. So let’s check the sound quality of the Realme EarBuds.

The buds are so flexible that just fits in the ear easily but the sound quality is not so high as the bass of this earphones are boosted.

As per my views, I will be rating the bass quality 7.5-8 out of 10. So if you are the fans of very high-quality bass than this are not the earphones which can entertain you.

But yes, this Realme EarBuds have a good sound quality compare to the normal earphones.

Audio Quality of Realme Earbuds.

The Audio quality of this Realme EarBuds is the average one. As the sound of musical instruments, lyrics gets very narrow and gives cramped sound signature.

The mid tones and high tones sound quality is weak in this earphones.

Therefore, this earphone gets weak in this part of the test and if I would be rating it, it would 6-6.5 out of 10.

You will be getting better earphones in the market of the better audio quality.

The cost of this product is Rs. 499 and is available on Amazon. If you are a sound lover and listening music very seriously, than this are not the earphones of your use.

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But you can definitely get the good sound stage in JBL C100SI.

The music lovers can choose this JBL C100SI for the good sound quality with the good bass also.

But the build quality of JBL C100SI is not as good as the Realme.

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Realme EarBuds costing Rs. 499 have the good build quality, if you are not the sound lover and use the earphones for calls and just for normal daily use.

Than this are the best earphones for you which have the good build quality, higher sustainability and an average sound quality at just Rs. 499.