Realme XT with 64 MP camera priced at around Rs. 22,000


The continuous launches of new phones mess up the minds to decide the best smartphones.

However, Realme will come up with the latest flagship smartphones, which are mainly tuned in to the best camera ever with 64 MP camera.

Xiaomi CEO glimpse about the Realme XT

These are not the concentrated talks about the smartphone. But Madhav Sheth gave us an idea about the Realme XT.

The new aspects of the Realme XT

The Realme XT which comes with the 64 MP camera has the latest Samsung ISOCELL Bright GW1 sensor. This could be the first smartphone with the advanced sensor along with the 64 MP shooter.

The specialty of the sensor is to produce the 16-MP low-light images by merging 4-Pixels into one with in-house Tetracell technology.

Realme XT will have three additional sensors.

  • ¬†Ultra-wide-angle sensor
  • A depth sensor.
  • 4cm macro sensor.

Also, the new software is in the process which goes into the latest smartphone.

Launch of the Realme XT

However, the official date is not yet confirmed, but according to the CEO, it can fall back in September.

In the Realme – 5 series launch, they came up with the Realme Buds 2 headphones at Rs. 599.

The specialty of the camera in Realme XT

The main focus on this phone will be on the camera as it comes with the advanced Samsung GW1 sensor.

The primary camera comes with 64-MP, which can get a very detail picture even after zooming.

When it comes to the 48-MP sensor, even in the flagship smartphone can fall behind with the 64-MP camera.

Along with the 64-MP shooter, many other aspects of the camera should be in the right place. Like, say…

  • Saturation Level
  • Dynamic Range
  • Colour balance
  • White Balance

These should be maintained accurately as well to capture the best photo.

This flagship will come up with a new record for the stunning camera ever in the present market.

However, Samsung is developing the sensor for Realme XT, and the company itself is planning to get on to their Galaxy Line up as well.

The price of the Realme XT and Hardware features

  • It comes with Super AMOLED display with the notch-less and breezeless screen. This clearly states that this upgrade phone can be a masterpiece of Realme fans.
  • It,s notch-less, so it powers the Pop-Selfie camera.
  • The hardware of the smartphone will be Snapdragon 710 Processor, which is decent and cannot be compared with the flagship processor phones.
  • Keeping an eye on the different features with the most potent camera, the price range can be around at Rs. 22,000.

These are the budget-oriented phones and fits best with the price point, so we cannot expect all the highest upgrades into one.