How to recharge your mobile using Facebook Application

How to recharge your mobile using Facebook Application


Fed up using extra apps only for mobile recharge? We have much application for recharging our mobile, we don’t even go for retail at present times. Many people only use payment apps for recharging their mobile. It doesn’t make any sense using those apps only for recharging, why not recharge your mobile through the most used application, yes you’re thinking right… That is Facebook.

Let’s see how to recharge using Facebook application…

1) First of all, you need to update your Facebook Application to the beta version as the current feature is under testing so it is only available for beta users. You can even use beta version by visiting Facebook App from play store.

If beta version is full and not available for any other users, then you can’t be able to recharge from Facebook App. However, this feature will be available¬†for everyone after completion of proper testing.

2) If you are using the beta version, then just click the sandwich icon…


3) After proceeding, click on Mobile recharge option displayed…


4)  Next, you need to enter your Mobile number and it will automatically display the operator, if not you can select manually.


5) Enter the required amount to be recharged. If you’re not sure regarding the plans, you can even select by selecting browse plans, in this, you can get even latest recharge plans, unlimited plans etc.


6) After selecting the required amount, you need to enter your credit or debit details and make sure your debit card is enabled for the International transaction.




7) After entering your details, just click place order to confirm your order.



8) After clicking place order, it will redirect to your bank website, in that you need to enter your OTP sent to your mobile number.


9) After proceeding, you will get confirmation from Facebook and you will get recharge confirmation to your phone as well.


After completion of full testing, Facebook will release this update to all the users.


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