Record your desktop screen with YouTube

Record your desktop screen with YouTube

Recording your screen activity called screencasting, this can be made as simple steps like downloading a software program open and press the recording button and videos will be able to upload to your YouTube account there are plenty of ways of screencasting tools from which you can do this work. But have you ever imagined that if it would be done by YouTube without requiring any software to do this, required components are YouTube account and a web browser? Here are some steps which will proceed to make screenshots of your desktop window with YouTube.


Create a screencast with YouTube.


In the first step, you need to sign in with your YouTube Google account and click the upload button in upper left Conner and chose events under live streaming for a very first time you need to verify your phone number to enable streaming.


Now you need to name your screencast video a title on creating the event page. Set the privacy option either unlisted or private and click “Go live now “button


Hangouts messenger of Google will open an air page. Do turn off your webcam recording you may click the camera icon. As well as you can turn off the microphone.


Now click the screen share located in the left toolbox and select a window that you wish to record for the screencast. If you are multiple virtual desktops, it will only show program windows that are active


This is the last step you need to do, click the start screen share to share your screen and click start broadcast to start recording the screen the whole process will move in a private session, and no one can watch your broadcast while it is being recorded when you did with it, click to stop button and move on to YouTube website

record screen

Now you can go through your video in your YouTube dashboard. Even you can download the video to your google drive, or you can share with anyone else. Note that the video is being recorded at 720P HD and it would be a good idea to resize your desktop window to the 16:9 ratio before proceeding.

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