What all we know about Redmi X and what will be the price

redmi x

There is has been increased competition space to the Snapdragon 855 processor. The processor will go into the OnePlus 7 and Asus Zenfone 6 along with Realme X.

How did Redmi get its name as Redmi X?

X usually refers to the particular name which is unknown to us and the confirmed name which is going to launch by Xiaomi is unknown to us and so named as X.

Many claims that it can be names Redmi K20 Pro and it is not known and confirmed and so the name has to be in place.

What are the leaks of Redmi X?

Every awaited smartphone has some leaks to gain popularity, views and attention. We often see the leaks come in the format of images and this time the leak is a direct video. In which you can see its design and the alignment of the phone.

redmi x

When does Redmi X is going to launch?

The Redmi X official is live on the same day of OnePlus 7 which is on May 14.

The company is now ready to enter the flagship space in which it will be launching the premium smartphone which will be having the Snapdragon 855 Processor.

What will be the display Redmi X?

The leaks suggest that it will have the display of the 6.39 inch AMOLED display, 4000 mAH battery setup. The resolution will be 2340 x 1080 with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB internal storage.

If you look over the major specification of the smartphone it will be a killer smartphone and we need to wait and see how it will change the whole scenario.

Does it have fast-charging support in Redmi X?

Yes, you will be having the fast-charging support as it comes under the flagship category.

It will get 27 W fast charging support and it can complete your charge 0 to 70 within 30 mins.

What will be the price of Redmi X?

It is obvious that the price of any smartphone won’t get revealed but as a techie, we do have some approximation value of the smartphone price. It depends on the company perspective and the previous pricing models.

Keeping all those in mind it can be around Rs. 25,000 or even less.

Does Redmi X get triple camera setup?

As per the leaks, we can conclude that it will be getting the three-camera setup. The setup can be in the form of the Main camera, wide angle and it can be a depth sensor or telephoto lens.

Moreover, you will get a Pop-up selfie camera in Redmi X as the front screen is almost bezels less.

We can say that notch technology is over and the upcoming technology will be a pop-selfie camera.

The technology is damn too fast and it’s unknown what we may expect in future.

 Do we get Headphone jack in Redmi X?

It is officially confirmed by the company that the flagship smartphone will come with the 3.5 MM jack as well.

In India, the smartphone can be called Poco F2 or with the same name as well.