How to Reverse image search through smartphones


Reverse image search through smartphones

There would be slight confusing word arising in your mind, if you are having less knowledge about technology. So let me first explain you what is reverse image search.

A reverse image search is a tool through which we can search through “image “in the search engine. “Google” by image search image or in other words reverse image search can help you to search related images from the web.

You might be very familiar how to reverse image search through desktop. Just select an image, upload the photograph from your desktop to google images and it will show you related images and also in different format or content related the image on your desktop.

You might be thinking that it may not be possible to reverse image search through your smart phone then you all the thinking wrong about it, yes you can reverse image search through your smart phones, by following some simple steps from your smart phone you can search image on it.




Steps for reverse image search from smartphone.

  1. You must have some browsing application in your smartphone (I have chosen chrome).
  2. Click on the given link below “” from your phone.
  3. There will be an display of an official Google site there you will see the “upload picture “button.
  4. By clicking on it you need to select an image and it will start uploading on the site.
  5. Then it will search and display you related images on you mobile phone.

images (81)


Thus by following the simple steps we can reverse image search .

Mostly the reverse image search are used by journalist ,photographer ,students and many more by reverse image search they get information about the original source ,date ,time ,place ,and most important publisher name of that image on the browser .

The main process behind this URL is the take your image file, convert it to base 64 (i.e. given URL) and submit the encoded images as HTTP post request to Google images and then the browser automatically redirect to the image search image in Google.

I’ve tested the link in chrome for android, safari for iPhone and explorer for windows phone. And it is compatible in all the latest devises.


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