How to send and receive payments through WhatsApp


Whenever your friend says you ” Transfer some money “, either you reject or else you transfer through PayTm and many others. Nowadays transferring money has been so easy, that it takes only seconds to transfer money to any other bank account. Many topmost application Like Facebook even introduced Mobile recharge option which before used to done with the application like freecharge , PayTm etc…

Why would WhatsApp be silent being a most popular and used application which we use daily… WhatsApp had come up with the new feature in which we can transfer money and receive it.

Before proceeding, make sure you have some details are with you…

1) You need to have UPI ID to send or receive payments. Click here to know, how to create UPI ID.

2) You need to have WhatsApp number which is registered or linked to your bank.

3) You need to have updated WhatsApp to access payments.


How to send payments through WhatsApp


1) Open your WhatsApp and click on the top right dots…



2) Click on the settings…


3) If you have the latest version of WhatsApp, you will be able to see ” Payment”, click on the payment option to proceed further.



4) Press ” Accept and Continue”





5) Here in the option ” Link your bank account” your number displayed must be linked to your bank and click on verify Via SMS



6) Press “Allow”



7) Verify your phone which is linked to your bank account.





8) Select the bank in which your WhatsApp number had been linked.


9) After selecting, automatically your bank debit card will be displayed and no need to enter card number separately.



10) After selecting the bank account, your setup will be completed and click on ” Done ”


11) Select ” Send your first payment” to whom you would like to send the payment.

12) Select the person whom you want to send the money and the other person can only receive the money if he/she had to register with UPI.


13) Here I have selected the contact and now click on the attachment symbol.


14) Click on the payment option…


15) Enter the amount you wish to send.


16) If you want to add any further note, you can even add that.


17) You need to enter UPI PIN which had created by you at the time of registering for UPI ID.


18) After entering the UPI PIN, the amount which you entered will be sent and your payment is under processing.


19) You can see ” complete” it means the amount is delivered to that person.


20) You can even check the status.





How to receive payments through WhatsApp


1) Go to settings>payments>New payment( Present at the bottom) > Enter the UPI ID of the person you wish to receive from.




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