How do email spammers earn money? Let’s know the facts


What is Spamming?

Spamming is the use of electronic message systems like email and other digital network systems to send bulk messages. It can be through the internet, messaging, social network spam, junk mails and sharing network spam.

Spammers use their small time and earn a considerable amount of profit with no operating cost. Spammers mainly use commercial advertises that contain viruses, adware, and scams.

Why do spammers do Spamming?

Spamming is a lucrative business which can be taken forward for the ridiculously small amount of money. In the end, users understand the individuals who are providing valuable services with over 60% of emails circulating on the internet is spam. The spammers come from all over the world and socioeconomic conditions. Spamming pays a lot of money to the spammers and even gets arrest too.

spam email

Types of small spam email works that pays billions of worth to Spammers:

  1. Product Sales Spammers: Spammers send millions of email spams to the users/ Buyers through email messages on behalf of the online product merchant who sells products on Online. If the spam recipient buys any product through the spam email, then the spammer gets the commission from the Product merchant in percentage for that sale. In spamming product, sales pharmaceuticals have the highest commission rates at 50%, and the response rate will also be higher.

 spam email

  1. Botnet Operators: Spam is usually sent from networks which are controlled by Hacker controlled computer which we call as Botnet Operators. Consumers who connect to their network will affect the consumer PC with malicious software. These botnets are created by the group of hackers who are efficient in building Botnet networks and rent them to the spammers by hourly basis. The rates for Botnets start ranging from $300 to $700 per hour.


  1. Ransomware, Phishing and Identity thieves: Infecting the computers all over the world with any malwares like ransomware and other malware which affect the entire computer online transactions is a lucrative venture. Phishing is another way of spamming the banks by sending the email links that looks like a legitimate organization links. These email links contain some malware sites or documents which include payloads that exploit the entire system. This malware can steal your credit card and debit card details and other personal information. Sometimes they can encrypt the system data and can demand the owner to pay ransom for the key to open their data without destroying. The top hosting Phishing sites: United States, China, UK, and Canada.


Why no one likes spam email

The businesses which run or work on sending and receiving emails will try their level best to prevent from spamming. This is the main problem for the spammers so that they need to change their infrastructure frequently. The data centers and web hosting companies and email providers find their resources expose to spam they shut the spammers down. As a result, spammers are eager to see the server resources that they can exploit.

It’s not possible to stop spammers correctly by exploiting the server resources. So its good idea to keep on identifying the spammers by the way they generate emails. Mail Channels Cloud uses Sophisticated algorithms. Machine learnings to avoid spamming for the outgoing emails coming from your servers and applications.

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