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Sync Google contacts with your iPhone or iPad

Sync Google contacts with your iPhone or iPad

On of the biggest problem which users face when they switch to Android to iOS. As the problems persists regarding with syncing contacts. As it will be pretty easier to link contacts in Android smartphones. Syncing those contacts can be a bit difficult for some users if there are using a third-party E-mail services rather than Apple own iCloud. But , likely procedure for this problem isn’t hard as one might except. As I will guide you how to setup and use a carDAV account on iOS for syncing Google and Gmail contacts.


Setting Up for syncing Google/Gmail contacts with iOS using CardDAV.

  • Open settings in your iPad or iPhone.


  • Now move on to Mail,contacts calendars.


  • Tap on the Add account under the account section.


  • Now you will be able to see the list of E-mail related things , these are actually restricted only to E-mail , so move on to others.

Add card

  • Now under the contacts section , select Add cardDAV account.


In this section you need to enter the details , as you want to Sync Google contacts in this , you need to enter Google account related details. Now be sure to set the “server” to “” without quotes.

The format should look like…


Username: ( your Google account username)

Password: ( your Google account password)

Description: ( It depends on you)

After entering your details , click on next at the top right.

Completing the procedure… the cardDAV account will be set right up and your Google contacts will be started syncing.Now you can take full advantage of the cardDAV account for syncing your contacts. Now all your contacts will be displayed in your contact lists. Though iCloud function may feel easy for all these setup as its not easy for all of them to switch to Apple. So here I will provide tips regarding simple solutions which makes a lot of difference.

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