Congractualtion T-Series for reaching 100 Million Subscribers on YouTube


The slogan followed by T-series, ” Keep Calm and Watch”. It’s totally justified to the channel. Its been a huge competition between other countries and India considering the most subscribed YouTube channel.

Initially, PewDiePie was on the list of most subscribed Youtube channel and he was normal and quiet as there’s no competition in near. But in this competitive world, anything can happen at any moment.

T-Series Got into the Race

At the time of calm phase of pewdiepie, suddenly T-Series was in close with the PewDiePie subscribers making him think he might lose the position.

The only reason behind this is because of the growth of T-series, it was growing twice as fast as PewDiePie. So at some point after, T-Series will surely take that number one position.

Tricks Played by PewDiePie Fans and Himself

It’s beyond the limits and expectations. There are people who spent their money to promote PewDiePie channel which is insane. Many popular YouTuber’s also supported PewDiePie by organizing events and Livestreams as well.

PewDiePie himself released diss tracks on India stating some mean comments and many people were against them.

The heat got into an extreme extent, that Terrorist said ” Subscribe To PewDiePie” which is something too dangerous and need immediate action to stop this.

So PewDiePie released a video stating that too stop all these and appreciated his fans for supporting him.

Even High-Court ordered YouTube to ban PewDiePie diss track videos.

T-Series Crossed 100-Million Mark

Even in such situation T-series didn’t even comment or react which is a mature sign from the company.

However, T-Series has a 35% market share with the most number of movies and music labels under this company. More than 13,000 videos were on YouTube already and more than 50 Billion views are recorded every month which is mind-blowing.

Having these wonderful stats, T-series crossed 100 Million subscribers mark becoming the first YouTube channel to cross this mark.


What Does PewDiePie think?

At present PewDiePie is in 96 Million mark and T-Series reached 100 Million mark. The reaction would not be so happy for PewDiePie as he was very keen to be in a top position spot. Now he needs to satisfy his ego to the second spot.

The more bad news and disappointment to his fans, who spent lots of money to sustain him in that position. All their money got wasted and in return, they got nothing not even the first 100 Million mark which is very sad.

At least they need to look over the stats of T-Series channel and it is quite natural that any day T-Series would cross 100 Million mark before PewDiePie.

It is a big and proud moment for India.