T-series VS Pewdiepie Why Still T-Series is behind Pewdiepie? Who is supporting Pewdiepie?


It’s been really disgusting that something is not in the correct place in terms of war between T-Series VS Pewdiepie. Many waiting to cross PewDiePie and at the edge of the suspense, but it doesn’t gonna happen.

So let’s find out what may be the factors that resisting T-series to cross Pewdiepie…

Some may think… Am I really referring to war in this sceneraio ? Actually Yes…

What is the Whole story of T-series and Pewdiepie in short ?

It’s been normal when there’s no compietition for Pewdiepie with the world’s highest subscribed YouTube channel.

He is living his life happily by making his Gaming and comedy videos. He was confident enough that no one would get to his compeition mark of 85 Million subscribers.

But it’s not the case everytime and everywhere. The world’s most popular Music channel T-series was rapidly increasing the subscribers. Finally it has reached nearer to Pewdiepie subscribvers count.

So whats next? A competition war has been started between T-series and Pewdiepie. The news has been spread like a widespread. Some people shared their views regarding this incident.

What is the reason T-series gained subscribers mark too soon ?

Just recall you some value info before getting back to this question. First in place T-series is not handled by one person. It is a Music Company started by Gulshan Kumar in the year 1983.

T-series enetered into the YouTube community in the year of 2006. But started uplaoding videos from 2010.

In general ways, the most viewed categories in YouTube is Film Trailers and music videos. You can have a glance over 1B crossing videos. Those all come under a single music category.

T series vs pewdiepie

If you just have look over T-series stats, it has the most views than any other channel.

If you look over last 30 days stats of T-series…

+4,847,886 Subscribers and +2,883,042,000 views only in just 30 days. But at the same time when you compare this with Pewdipie stats.

If you Look over last 30 days stats of Pewdiepie.

+4,530,807 subscribers and just +352,305,000 views in 30 days.

Reason behind gaining highest subscribers for Pewdiepie compared to T-Series

It is quite natural that having highest views and not able to reach upto the mark of the Pewdiepie. However it all depends on the category of your channel.

Pewdiepie has a gaming channel and it is reached by wide audience and the subscrib ratio is quite high compared to music channles. Because music channel can gain a lot views in short time but not the subscribers. Only this would be a major difference.

What is the current status of T-Series and Pewdiepie ?

The status is being continuing the same from many days. The subscriber gap between T-series and Pewdiepie started from the gap of +3,00,000 ahead of T-series. People started to Live stream the gap to track the current status of the sub gap of both the channels.

Why at last moment T-series falls behind Pewdiepie ?

This is something clearly states that there is a real very big prestiage going on that who will be the number 1 YouTuber in the world.

You will be stunned after knowing the efforts made in favour of Pewdiepie to make his position same. But from Indian’s side there were were very little efforts to subscribe T-Series.

After a while no one din’t give a shit because however it is clear that the way T-series subscribers are increasing. It is fact that T-series will overcome Pewdiepie for sure. Without extra support to Pewdiepie from other YouTuber’s he can’t sustain for a long time.

The reason,the subscriber count for T-series per day is around +150,000 to +200,000 and on the other hand for Pewdiepie is just around +120,000 to +150,000.

So what happens to Pewdiepie at last moment that he gains subsribers too quick to overcome T-series?

The reason is simple, he will get support from other YouTuber’s to subscribe Pewdiepie and obvsiouly at the last moment the subscriber count gonna increase.

How other YouTuber’s supported Pewdiepie at last moment?

Let’s talk about the lastest situation when T-series got very close to Pewdiepie and is just +10,000 behind from Pewdiepie.

Knowing that the famous YouTuber JackSepticEye with 21 Million Subscribers comes to resucue Pewdiepie and made a sub-gap more than +50,000.

He made Live-stream of 1.5 hour and helped to gain +50,000 subscribers.

Mr.Beast is also famous and very rich YouTuber with 15 Million susbcribers. He just did like without Pewdiepie he is gonna die.

He just bought all Billboards in his city and did Radio Ads as well. Also he just repeasts Pewdiepie 1 Lakh times in a single continous video.

This is the main reason that when ever the sub-gap comes to very minimal. Some famous YouTuber comes to rescue Pewdiepie.

However, it can’t work for a long time unless Pewdiepie subscriber count increases than T-series. No matter what the subscriber count of T-series is always an upper hand compared to Pewdipie so it’s just matter of couple weeks to cross Pewdiepie.

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