Can you really win 1 Lakh cash by downloading TikTok ?

tiktok ban in india

If you just follow the news you would already know that TiKTok is back to its original position. I mean to the Android and App store. Before the TikTok ban in India was created a huge hipe.

If you’re a hard-core fan of TikTok you won’t get affected as because of you already have that application installed.

tiktok ban in india

Anyways many people are happy that TikTok is back as many creators are also using and earning money from TikTok using advertisements brands collab.

Moreover, the important thing which you need to know the reasons for lifting the ban and continuing the service of the TikTok.

Main Points of Lifting the TikTok ban in India

Point #1: To be known that everything goes under law and rules and it is not a piece of cake that something can be banned without any proper reason.

The main reason for the ban was the improper content and the solution will be proper rules and regulations for the content.

So Senior Advocate Isaac Mohanlal informed the court that TikTok application has the ability to detect its content. So whenever a user uploads disturbing content. The video will be deleted from the server.

So with this, uploading very risky content will not be acceptable and it is then and then clear that there won’t be any issue regarding content.

Point #2: The reason for which Madras High court has demanded TikTok must be banned. Keeping those reasons in mind, TikTok has resolved all the possible points mentioned by Madras court as a reason of ban.

Do the ban was right at the point by Madras High Court?

However, in this high technological world, there’s nothing much to be done to solve the problems, especially with the content.

Because if you’re uploading something to a Social Media Platform, it has its own security measures for the content.

So if the Madras High Court has issues with the content it has to be taken with the different approach and not directly taking the decision of ban.

But at finally it did not get succeed and TikTok got into Android and iOS. So it got to be a joke.

TikTok download surges and they are paying to download the application

Does it seem strange that you will get cash prizes to do download the application? But TikTok claims that you can earn 1 lakh cash for every 3 people daily.

But you will get this for a limited time that is for May 1st-16th May 2019.

What you need to do is that you need to share the page with your friends and family. If you’re lucky enough you can earn 1 Lakh cash.

They have also started the campaign using the hashtag of #ReturnOfTikTok.

If you’re wondering about the loss of TikTok, they have lost Rs. 3 Crore each day in the phase of the TikTok ban.