Good News for TikTok Users. Ban may lift off on April-24th

TikTok users

However, this will be a short and quick update regarding TikTok as there’s been a lot of questions on TikTok ban and how to download it after the ban.

So as you know Madras High Court has a word with Government to ban the TikTok due to its inappropriate content.

There are some tragedies occurred due to TikTok and its influencing children as well.

Even taking this to consideration, Govnt has taken a step to ban the TikTok for a while. They have noted Apple and Google to remove the application from App and play store.

They have followed the rules and regulations of the Govt order and removed the App from their databases.

On the other hand, we say that there will be an alternative for anything. You can download the TikTok application in some ways.

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TikTok Ban

What’s going on with TikTok ban update?

Now the case would go for Supreme Court and they will declare the final decision. And for TikTok users there is something good news in front of days.

The Supreme Court Cheif Justice Ranjan Gogoi ordered Madras High-Court to take the final decision on TikTok ban or else Supreme Court will lift of the ban on TikTok and users can easily download the Application from Play Store and App Store.

If the Madras-Court won’t take any final decision before April-24th then the ban will lift-off.

This would be the happiest news for TikTok users as they are eagerly waiting to lift the ban off.

According to the Legal Experts, Madras-High Court needs to arrange all the necessary Proofs and everything before 24th. So experts claim that Madras-Courts isn’t ready with the necessary evidence.

TikTok has only 0.00006% of Inappropriate content

Obviously, there will be a defence for TikTok as well to support and state the facts in-front of Cheif-Justice.

Bytedance the owners of TikTok have claimed that the ban on TikTok violates Section 2(w) of the IT Act states that any Mobile App or the Social Media Platform is an “Intermediary” and it is not the Source of Content.

Moreover, they have also claimed that they have removed around 60 Million videos which are objectifying to the audience.

At present, they have only 0.00006% objectify content. On the other hand, the application is only available to the kids above 13 years of age.

It’s not about the ban it’s about the rules and regulations of the users content posted on the platform. The govt should more focus on the content related policies rather than banning the application.

Even if you ban, users can figure out additional sources to download the application. So Govt should more focus on the content policies.