How to download TikTok? TikTok download top searches in Google


Its been hell out of discussion about TikTok ban and the existing users. It’s been a big headache for the people to download TikTok from Android and Apple.

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Many people are trying and finding out the ways to download this Application. The surprising fact is that users who haven’t known TikTok before also showing interest to download this Application.

Moreover, TikTok is the fastest growing startup after Uber and it has the highest market share in India.

This ban could put the owners of TikTok to a tough time as they may lose the biggest market share.

However, they also don’t have any other alternatives for this. They need to wait until something reverse happens.

But TikTok fans are very eager to try the best alternative possible to download the application.

If you’re an Android user you would probably have an easy way to download the TikTok application.

But if you’re iOS user then there will be no chance for you to download the Application because iOS is not an Open source. You will be having high security.

How to download TikTok and it became the top search

The trends go on to the topic which really makes the buzz in the market. One such aspect at present is the TikTok ban.

After the TikTok ban people are eagerly trying ways to download the application. Here I will be sharing some of the ways to download the Application.

You can see the graph which got a sudden search surge for the keyword ” TikTok Download”.

TikTok download

  1. Transfer Via Xender

It’s only applicable only to Android Users. Moreover, you required another phone in which TikTok is already installed.

So you can know to install Xender and you can transfer the Application. By this, you can get the TikTok Application. The main concern is that you need another phone to download the application.

2. Download APK from APK Sites

You have many sources for Android to download the Application without using Play Store. The TikTok application is available on APK Mirror site and they have claimed that the download of TikTok application is increasing 15 times than regular downloads.

You may also have a download option available on official TikTok site. They will soon implement this.

But nevertheless, you may experience viruses also. So the safe way to download the TikTok application is to transfer from your friend Android phone.

Also be patient, until you get some official news from TikTok.