What about the Existing TikTok users? Reasons of TikTok ban.


It’s like a different story of this issue. TikTok has taken growth in India very drastically and mainly used by all type of ages. We can share our clips with syncing with dialogues and songs. To be noted many people got famous and made a celebrity status on TikTok.

Even celebrities joined TikTok with the verified badge and started posted content due to a huge number of audience base.

What are the stats of TikTok users?

TikTok users

When you look over the stats of the TikTok you will be shocked with the growth rate of the China-based application.

When we talk about the stats in India, the application has been downloaded 240 Million times. Even if we look over the downloads in the month of January they are 30 Million which is 30% more compared to last year.

Clearly, the popularity of the application is increasing month by month.

Why TikTok is not available for download

As you may know, people do crazy things to get user’s attention likes and also for popularity. Only then you can increase your base and become popular. Along with that, you may need to face some circumstances as well.

  • Like, say… A 19-yr accidentally shot the other person while making TikTok video.
  • Many accidents occurred during bike stunts while making TikTok users videos.
  • A person lost his life in Punjab while making TikTok video.
  • Man slits his throat in the process of making the TikTok video.

And these are not the only incidents occurred due to this application. They are many incidents bought to the stage of the court to ban this application.

First, the Madras High court had taken this step to Ban TikTok and appealed the Government to take action against it.

After all proceedings finally Indian Govt., Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology ordered Google and App store to remove TikTok from their platform. This can make a depressing moment for TikTok users.

So at present, you won’t get the application to download from their platforms.

What is the reason for the ban?

As mentioned the above reasons and also along with that it is influencing the more youngest mind badly.

It doesn’t have limitation to the type of content and even some adult content is also posted to its platform. It doesn’t have certain measures for content control.

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If there is no proper content rules and regulation all these incidents can occur. TikTok owners are carried away by the subscribers base and installs but totally neglected the content posted on TikTok.

YouTube is also a video platform and their rules against the content are very strict. So users won’t attempt to do all these kinds of stuff to gain views.

What did the Govt of India do to deal with this situation?

After an appeal by Madras High court, the Govt responded order to remove TikTok from Google and App stores. Which is like you cannot download the application and you won’t get it elsewhere to download it.

What about the present users of TikTok?

At present, there is no official news regarding it, but the present users won’t get any problem if you have already installed the application.

Yes, in future govt may take necessary action against the existing users as well.

If you’re a creator your account will be safe and you can continue to post videos on TikTok without any restrictions.

In the future, Tiktok may take strict measures in the aspect of the content.  But make sure now onward post most clean and friendly content. At least your account may fall in the clean category in future.

Can new users download TikTok?

In an official way, there is no possibility to download the application and obviously, there are ways to download illegally but at the time you can get infected with the virus as well. So make sure you won’t do that.

Another way to download is to transfer App from using Xender if your friend is one of the TikTok users application in his Android phone.

For Apple users, there isn’t a solution for new users willing to download the TikTok application.  We will keep updating if any further news breaks out.