Top IT Companies hire nearly 80,000 Employees a new record.


In India, at present, there are a lot of issues regarding the scarce of Jobs. But the other scenario is a little bit different. Top IT companies like TCS, WIPRO, INFOSYS, HCL hire nearly 80K people which is a huge number.

You even know that the IT sector is growing in a good way every year. When the demand for services increases there will be an increase in work and as well as employees.

Obviously, there will be a good hiring rate but it would be in that way, and it has been in records for 8 years. The exact number of hire is 78,500.

What is the recruitment rate of these IT companies in the past years?

As it is mentioned that it has a record so it might have some stats before it. As because we are calling it as a record. Let’s have a look towards previous years so that it will be a clear figure to you.

IT Companies

We will take the hiring rate of Late 5 years, say 2013 to 2018 the recruiter employees never went above 70,000. That too in the span of 5 years.

But do you know that these IT giants have hired 78,500 people in just 9 months which is insane. It is around 8700 people every month.

Which IT Company hired the most candidates?


We already know that the total number of hire is 78,500 and now let’s have a look at which company got the highest number of hires.

We already know that TCS is the top valuation company and it hired 44% of the total 78,500. Moreover, they also claimed that they will hire 28,000 freshers directly from campus.


The second biggest IT sector firm contributed 23.7% which hired 24,016 employees during the year 2018-2019.


It comes in the third position in revenue as well as in the hiring. Wipro hired 17.8%.

HCL Technologies.

HCL Technologies hired only a few numbers of people which is around 14.3% of the total 78,500.

How much are the revenues of these IT companies?


In 2019 TCS total revenue is 2,090 USD which is Rs 1,46,300 Crores.


In 2019 Infosys total revenue is 1,180 Crores which is 82,600 crore.


In 2019 HCL total revenue is 863 Crores which is 60,410 crore.


In 2019 HCL total revenue is 847 Crores which is Rs.59,290 crore.

How to get into those IT companies?

See, never ever go behind the certifications. You just need to have normal criteria percentage which is around 50% or 60%. After if you have proper communication skills it will be a major advantage point.

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Communication skills are most required as in the IT sector you need to coordinate with your managers very often.

You require proper skill in important computer languages and if you have a passion for computers and programming language you will definitely get a job.

One of the major knowledge, recruiters are looking for is the AI, blockchain. As these are the next advancements in the world of IT.