Top reasons OnePlus 6 users shouldn’t upgrade to OnePlus 6T


I have written a article on difference between OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T. Have a Look over here… 

This can be a similar type of article byt here I will be sharing some stuff by which OnePlus 6 users should not upgrade to OnePlus 6T.

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Many people love new things and changes for the upcoming smartphones… But since the launch of OnePlus people turned into a deep intrest towards buying budget flagship device. 

Even more intreesting part is that OnePlus launches it’s new flagship mobile every 6 months. 

People need not wait for much more time for new phone to launch instead they can get refreshment like blazzing fast. 

On other hand,  you won’t able to buy previous OnePlus 6 phones when ever a new OnePlus flagship mobile get laucmnhed. The reason behind this is very simple.  

The pricing of OnePlus devices aren’t so high when a new device get’s launchged company must reduce their prices which creates impact on their profit margin. Due to this company discountinues previous gen OnePlus devices. 

Now let’s focus on reasons why you shouldn’t buy OnePlus 6T if you have OnePlus 6 with you. 

1) More or Less same display

Display plays a key role in any smartphone improvment. But this time it is an improvment but not to the extent point. 

The only changes which you can notice here is… 

Less bezzel that too slightly noticiable but not much difference. The major difference come to the notch which has a teardrop shape.

My favourite aspect in notch which was OnePlus 6 was Notification Light LED which is not in OnePlus 6T. So sad! 

You will get the same display technology of AMOLED screen with 402 ppi. 

You will notice the difference in screen ratio… In OnePlus 6 you will get 83.8% screen-to-screen ratio but in OnePlus 6T you will get 86% Screen-to-screen ratio which is quite good. 

Other than this you will get Gorilla Glass 6 protection which has no pratical improvment. Just a number !

2) In Display finger print sensor in OnePlus 6T 

It was already introduced by VIVO , later OnePlus had opted into their latest flagship mobiles. 

Although they have done it is working pretty slow compared to Physical finger-print scanner in OnePlus 6. 

What will be the point of giving this technology if it is slower than the previous one. 

3) The 3.5 MM headphone jack 

I don’t no what’s wrong with these manufactures. They are keep on removing headphone jack. Like this jack had comitted some serious crime. 

Moreover , OnePlus offers dongle by which you can connect your wired headphone but on the other hand you won’t get any dongle in the box , you need to purchase seperately. 

4) Similar performance 

I have tested OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T in terms of speed and suprisingly I did not notice any difference in OnePlus 6 and 6T which in return makes no difference. 

You may heard about the Smart Boost which increase the performance of high-graphical games. Even when enabled this feature there’s only a 1 sec difference between both these phones. 

5) Same camera specification 

The camera specification of OnePlus 6 comes with 16+20 MP with f/1.7 along with OIS+EIS and the front facing cmaera comes with 16 MP with f/2.0. 

On other hand OnePlus 6T also have the same configuration there’s no change at all. 

Many people may claim that , OnePlus 6T has a nightscape. Let me tell you it’s just a HDR algorithm which is totally depended on software. 

Moreover, you will get this update in OnePlus 6 even. So no need to worry about it. 

6) OnePlus 6T pricing

This can be the main aspect that you might get affected by its pricing. 

Let me clear you with the variants and pricing of OnePlus 6T. 

6 GB , 128 GB is priced at Rs.  37,999

Main reason you need to wait till OnePlus 7

The main fetching point by which you can wait for OnePlus 7 is that the Snapdragon is launching its new chipset 8051 soon. For sure it’s gonna be in OnePlus 7. So I recommend you to not to upgrade to 6T and wait for 7. 

These are the main reasons for which you should not upgrade to OnePlus 6T.

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