Track the person behind an email address

Track the person behind an email address

Recent days many people get unknown messages from an unknown email address with whom you never interacted with them before.

As same before taking the conversation you would like to research about it on the web to know about that person.

So this has to be done without asking that person directly.

Here is a way to find and track the location by means of email address.

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The first comes to mind is Google…

To make searches as it is the best place for performing reverse email lookups like just Google…

The tracking email address if that email address is neither registered in domains nor on public forms, Google will be of little help.

No need to worry about this if you have only the email address of that person and nothing more, Below are some way to find trace out the identity of unknown

        1) Find the sender’s location.



In this, I am using the example shown in

To start processing you need to open the header of the email message and point out the lines that say “Received from” and are followed by an IP address in square brackets.

For tracking location, you need to paste the IP address in traceroute to land you will get to know the approx location of the email sender.

   2) Search email on Facebook.

As Facebook millions of users, it may be possible that the sender may have the account on Facebook.

Unlike social networking sites linkedIn, Facebook also provides you to search users by email address.

Type the email address which you need to track and Facebook will show you if a profile exists with that email address or not.


If you are successful to download the profile picture. Then you need to do is to upload it to Google images.

This acts as a reverse image search engine.

So by this, you can locate his or other profiles where he may have used the same pictures.

 3) Search in the social network.

A service software named Khowem.

You can use it like to show up the results which have the same username in any of the social networks.

Say, the email address is something like…

so there might be a  chance that he or she may create the account of some others social network using same email address just put that in to confirm.

To find Twitter and LinkedIn profiles linked with email address Gmail users can install the rapportive add-on to find.

 4) People’s search

If none of the tricks above work…

You need to try a people search service like pipl and spokeo both of them will help to perform reverse emails lookups but spokes have more comprehensive database than pipl.


Comment down below, if you had faced any such situation!