Uber News – Anand Kumar got $6.5K for detecting Bug. New OTP for uber


If you travel via Ola, you may notice that you need to provide OTP before and after arriving at the destination.

As same uber is also testing out the feature in which users can share the Four-Digit OTP before starting the ride.

In terms of safety each and every feature and technology should be implemented to safeguard the customers.

Each Sector like Auto, Banking, Cyber Crime, Foods, Mining etc, should have safety norms and need to implement technologies that can safeguard in every point of aspect.

Uber Test out its OTP feature

However, it is not accessible for all users, UBER used to send OTP within its app and now UBER is testing out to send OTP via SMS.

Some of the Uber users are claiming that the OTP is randomly appearing and they have taken this to the Uber support.

Later, the company has claimed that they are testing out and implementing this feature to avoid that Uber drivers start a ride without the passengers.

Reason for implementing this

This is not the new procedure and it has many safety benefits that aren’t easy to compromise. Uber can be notified the time taken to travel from one distance to another, can have a track of perfect start time and the end time.

It is not only limited to the OTP security feature, but Uber has also an Emergency button in which users can press to get the assistance in any difficult case scenario.

Uber users can also directly call to its 24/7 ” Safet Helpline” number.

Follow these steps to call the Helpline number.

Step 1: Rider taps the shield icon to report a non-emergency safety incident, during a trip

Step 2: Rider taps the safety helpline icon, hosted within the safety tool kit

Step 3: Rider swipes to speak to an Uber representative.

On the other part, the Indian Researcher finds an Uber Bug and gets Rs. 4.6 Lakhs

It is evident that people get huge rewards for discovering the bugs on certain websites and applications.

Uber Bug description

This Uber Bug can easily give access to the attackers to log in to anyone’s Uber account. It was found by the Indian Cybersecurity Researcher Anand Prakash.

According to the company, The bug was fixed immediately and cross-verified with Uber’s IT team. Anand Prakash got $6,500 which is about Rs. 4.6 lakh under the Bug bounty program. Uber also paid $2 million to 600  researches around the world for identifying the vulnerability in its application.

Even before, Anand had removed the bug from Uber which has the ability to get free travel access to the user for a lifetime.