Uninstall these Applications right way if you are using


How Chinese Applications are using our data for Commercial purpose

We use many applications to make our work easy and convenient and at the same time by using some applications we may face trouble due to miss use of personal data.

We need to have some clear idea of applications which we need to trust and which we should not as in recent news from Indian Government stated that Chinese applications can miss using our data.

You may notice in certain applications we need to give access to our email address, names and sometimes even phone numbers also to use the application and here is the catch, have you thought where does this data go and what can they do by these do…


Yes, one of the best ways to market their products by stealing your information like an email address phone number they can get access to your search history even.From search history, they can decide the most search topics which we are browsing and they can sell their products according to browser history results to us by which they can get more profits.

Recently Armed Forces are strictly given information by the Government for not to use those applications as they have sensitive information and some applications can even track GPS location pinpointed which will be dangerous for our Army.

Even in spam list, TrueCaller application is also listed as because when you install trueCaller will ask for permission to allow access for contacts and all of your contacts will automatically be uploaded to the server with this reason true caller is also under spam list.

But according to the TrueCaller company CEO, he stated the trueCaller is Sweden-based company and we do not miss use any of the individual contacts and also told that our app only reads the phone contacts only when users allows the permission.

Its stores our phone contacts on their server as so, the application is under the category of spyware. Recently there has been issued with UC browser also and it got banned from play store temporarily and later on, it has been re-enabled at this time I recommend you not to install these applications although it is meant for Army officials, but we also need to be in safe hands.

If you check the army official website, it is clearly mentioned that this app should not be installed. We may think these are only meant for army people as they do contain more security information and sensitive information which may show a negative effect if it got leaked at this point we may think I am an ordinary man then what difference it makes?

If you are thinking in this way, then you are wrong because these applications collect our personal data and browsing history and by this they will decide most search product by analysing our browser history and they start selling those products to increase their sales and we here indirectly giving a chance to other countries to increase their product sales.


Apps that should be uninstalled right away from your phone


  1. Weibo
  2. Wechat
  3. BeautyPlus
  4. NewsDog
  5. VivaVideo
  6. SHAREit
  7. Truecaller
  8. UC News
  9. UC Browser
  10. Parallel Space
  11. APUS Browser
  12. Perfect Corp
  13. Virus Cleaner
  14. CM Browser
  15. CacheClear DU Apps Studio
  16. DU Battery Saver
  17. DU cleaner
  18. DU privacy
  19. 360 Security
  20. DU Browser
  21. Clean  Master-Cheetah Mobile
  22. Baidu Translate
  23. Baidu Map
  24. Wonder Camera
  25. Mi Community
  26. DU recorder
  27. Vault-Hide
  28. YouCam Makeup
  29. WeSync
  30. ES File Explorer
  31. Photo wonder
  32. QQ International
  33.  QQ Music
  34. QQ Player
  35. QQ Newsfeed
  36. WeSync
  37. QQ security
  38. SelfieCity
  39. Mail Master
  40. Mi Video Call-Xiaomi
  41. QQ Launcher.