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Use Animated GIF images to your Mac wallpaper

Now one of the popular trending thing online is the GIF images. GIF is also known as Graphics Interchange Format. Recently GIF images were introduced in Facebook as well. The GIF image format supports upto 8 bits per pixel for each image, allowing a single image to reference its own palette of upto 256 different colours chosen from 24-bit RGB colour space.

As its a brief explanation of GIF images , you may have seen webpages with GIF images , but its also possible to use videos and animated GIF images as background of your Mac desktop.

OS X only supports static wallpaper images but theres a Mac utility called GIF paper that allows animated live background to your desktop.

Step 1. Download a GIF image. You can use Giphy for readymade GIFs, or create your own cinemagraphs with Photoshop or, if you are trying to use a video, convert to GIF using FFMpeg.

Step 2. Download the GIFPaper app from Dropbox (link found via Reddit) and extract the content to a local folder.

Step 3. Double-click the GIFPaperPrefs.prefPane file inside the extracted folder to install the preferences pane. Go to your Mac’s System Preferences and double-click GIFPaperPref to launch the actual app.


Step 4. Browse the computer, locate the GIF, set the Scaling to “Axes Independently” and the GIF will be set as the background of your Mac desktop. If you have a multiple virtual desktops, only the current screen will be changed.

You can place add GIFPaperAgent to your Mac login items to preserve your wallpaper preferences. Also, it might not be a good idea to use animated on older Macs since it does consume system resources.


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