Vivaldi is a better browser than Chrome – You must download it


There are a lot more choices when it comes to browsers and many have used Chrome and also a little touch for other browsers.

But, you will definitely stick to the Vivaldi browser after using it.

Main fascinating features of Vivaldi

  1. Tabs Management


Placing tabs on your desired position can make your work simpler and easy. It’s because you can adjust the position of the tab according to your convenience.

2. Customization of the Browser

vivaldi broswer

It is not possible to combine all at one place to show the customization of this browser. Go through the simple list to know the brief information of the features.

  • You can change themes according to your preferences.
  • Able to change the appearance of the window in terms of Zoom, any additional tabs.
  • Setting the default browser is very easy and simple.
  • If you’re shifting from Chrome, your bookmarks will automatically get transferred to the new Vivaldi browser.
  • Setting up the keyboard shortcuts made easy and you can set up your own shortcuts according to your needs.
  • If you use tracking mouse pad, it is easy to set up custom shortcuts with two or three hands.

3. Tracking your usage

These features are not new to us, but these features are very new to the browser and now you can track the time usage of your browsing activity.

You can also track.

  • Pageviews
  • Link views
  • Reload times
  • Take notes while you work.
  • Capture screenshots without any extensions.

4. Privacy and Security

  • It protects against any phishing site and can also detect the Malware.
  • Silent browsing, no website can actually track you unless its terms to be a legal case.
  • Unnecessary pop-ups blocking.

Vivaldi is available for download for Windows, Mac and in the latest update they have come up with the Android version as well.

One of the best browsers comes to the Android – Vivaldi On Android

Get all the information from the desktop version which you have saved in the desktop. By this, it’s very much convenient to shift to Vivaldi.

It has a cloud option and syncs all your opened tabs on all the devices and can show it in one place.

Note your important point on your browse

It quite happens to note down something important while you’re browsing and you end up taking screenshots in other browsers. But here you can manually note down the points for future use.

Now Browser has a Speed Dial option

The concept works the same as it would be on the smartphone. There you can dial someone within a number, in the browser you can set up speed dial for your favorite website.

You can visit your favorite website within no time.

Take screenshots from your mobile

However, you have the custom screenshots on your mobile to capture the complete screen, but when it comes to capturing the complete page, you’re supposed to use the Vivaldi Browser screenshot.

All types of Tabs in One place

Especially in mobile, managing tabs can create a lot of confusion. But with the Vivaldi browser you can manage Private, Synced and open tabs separately.

Download Vivaldi Browser. 

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