What actually Blogging is and how to follow it

What actually Blogging is and how to follow it

Introduction to Blogging

Everyone might be familiar with the word, “blog”. Let’s see what exactly it is. The word “Blog” is the acronym for Web Log. It’s just a type of website where a blogger (one who writes the blog) updates content on a regular basis. In plain words it’s like an online diary where contents like opinions, facts, news, gossips, lifestyles, technology and many more are updated on a regular basis and listed in a chronological order. It need not be personal always. Companies also maintain blogs to promote their business. Even newspapers maintain their blog pages to increase circulation. The act of writing a blog is called “blogging”. Let’s understand a few things about blogging.

Starting a Blog

There is a common misconception among people that it requires top notch skills to start a blog. In reality it’s much easier to own a blog. As a beginner you can have a blog free of cost using various blogging platforms. Once you are serious about blogging, you can use a paid domain which could help you to earn money through blogging. Here I am listing down some guidelines to help anyone with an internet connection to start a blog.

  • Choose a topic for blogging. Find your area of expertise or your passion and blog on that. Uniqueness and quality of your content attracts subscribers for your blog.
  • Choose a blogging platform like Word press, BlogSpot, Tumblr etc and a domain name. Using the blogging platform, you could select an attractive template for your blog.

New Topic for Blog Identify your readers and focus on them while writing the content. More importance to content and less importance to SEO techniques makes a quality blog. In case of an informative article, contents should be properly researched and should be presented in an original way. Rehashing contents from blogs containing similar articles are not acceptable.

  • Always proof read your content.
  • Be consistent and regular with your posts. Once you have regular readers, don’t leave them wondering about when the next article will come. Also you cannot change the genre of the articles all of a sudden.
  • Connect your different blogs to each other by using links.
  • Every blog should have a comment section for readers to raise their opinions where discussions should be encouraged.
  • Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc can be used for promotion of your blog.
  • Generate traffic for your blog. Explained in detail below.
  • Monetise your blog.

Traffic Generation for your Blog

  1. Sharing your blog in Social Media and also by participating in discussions in more popular blogs.
  2. Guest blogging is another technique to improve traffic to your blog. A blogger writing for blogs other than his/her own is called Guest blogging. It increases visibility of your blog.
  3. Making use of Search Engine Optimisation techniques is another option to generate traffic to your blog. Using the right keywords so that your blog gets easily listed in Google search results is of great advantage.
  1. Attractive, Original, Useful content on a regular basis is an unavoidable factor affecting traffic to your blog. As we already know “content” is King.
  2. Also make use of “Google Analytics” to keep a track on the trend of traffic in your blog.

Monetising your Blog

Once you have a popular blog, you can convert your blog into a source of income. Many leading bloggers all over the world are making large amount of money from blogging. I will help you with a few ways to earn some good amount of money from your blog:

  • According to marketing strategists, word of mouth generates more sales than paid advertising. This has led to the rise of influence marketing. Bloggers can be the best influencers. As your blog get more popular, chances are more for brands to approach you to promote their products through your articles or videos or whatever your blog contains. In today’s world companies are aware of the importance of having a blogger as an influencer and have special blogger outreach teams. You get paid according to the reach of your blog and the segment your blog is catering to.
  • Online advertising networks like Google AdWords, BlogAds helps in getting ads on your blog. You will be getting paid for these ads on your blog on a “pay per click” basis

Facebook Google

  • Selling your own product like eBooks or other online resources through your blog.
  • If you are having a specialised blog with a lot of readers, it would be easier for you to get into freelancing. You can contact clients directly, or you could leave a link on your blog for companies to contact you to write for them.
  • Direct ads on your blog – When your blog gets more popular companies would directly approach you to have their ads in your blog. You could get paid on a monthly basis in that scenario. Different from advertising networks, here you have full control over the ad that you are placing and the money you are getting paid.

Blogging as a Career option

You are tired of your monotonous and tiring corporate job. You want to be your own boss. You want to do something of your own but do not have enough money to invest. If you fall in this category, blogging would be a good option for you. But then the most important question arises. Could blogging be a full time career option?

Yes, blogging can be your full time career. To make money out of blogging you need a field of your expertise, creativity, hardcore dedication and good English writing skills. I am listing down some introspection to be done before quitting your job to become a full time blogger:



  • Do I have a field of expertise in which I would be able to provide some original solutions? It’s better to select your passion as your blogging topic. It could be movies, technology, cooking, travel, jokes, fashion, finance, parenting, gossip, politics or anything under the sun.
  • In Indian scenario, professional blogging is not considered as a reputed job. So do I have the support from my family to take blogging as my full time job?
  • Patience is the most important quality a blogger should have. It takes long time to generate a steady income through blogging. Am I patient enough to blog quality content regularly without making enough money? There are no overnight successes in blogging.
  • Do I have a good understanding of the ways to increase the traffic in my blog?
  • Am I aware of the different options to earn money using my blog?

Blogging – Fulltime or Part-time

Directly jumping into fulltime blogging is never a good option. As we have already seen, earning a good amount of money through blogging is not an easy task. It’s always advisable to start blogging part-time and as you gain confidence in your blog, you can make blogging as your full time career. But then, doing blogging as part-time is very hard as you need to concentrate on your fulltime job as well at the same time. Still it is the safest option as you won’t be able to make enough money through blogging in the initial period.

Full Time or Part time

Everyone does not have the skill set to earn full time income through blogging. A right combination of will power, creativity, knowledge and marketing skills are required to excel in blogging. Taking blogging as a part-time activity gives you a chance to test whether you are right fit for blogging. Once you are able to generate a steady income, you can switch to full time.

Blogging fulltime is like starting your own entrepreneurship venture. Only difference being, here the value of resources at stake is comparatively less. Like every entrepreneurship activity, blogging too has its own risks. The main risk faced by many of the fulltime bloggers is the risk posed by the Google Algorithmic updates.

Successful Professional bloggers in India

  1. Amit Agrawal (Labnol.org)
  2. Harsh Agrawal (Shoutmeloud.com)
  3. Bharat Nagpal (iGyaan.in)
  4. Ashish Sinha (nextbigwhat.com)
  5. Srinivas Tamada (9lessons.info)
  6. Tarun (telecomtalk.info)
  7. Arun Prabhudesai (Trak.in)
  8. Raju PP (Techpp.com)
  9. Abhishek Bhatnagar (Technixmedia.com)
  10. Tony John (techulator.com)
  11. Jane Sheeba (probloggingsuccess.com)
  12. Manish Chauhan (jagoinvestor.com)
  13. Jaspal (Savedelete.com)
  14. Amit Bhawani (androidadvices.com)
  15. Rohit Khurana (intellectdigest.in)
  16. Abhijeet Mukherjee (guidingtech.com)
  17. Anshul Tewari (youthKiAwaaz.com)


Is earning money the only advantage of Blogging?

Answer to this question is a clear no. Let us discover what other benefits blogging have other than getting you money.


  • Improves your writing skills.
  • It gives you a portal to raise your opinions and suggestions thereby instilling confidence in you.
  • Helps you learn new things.
  • Helps in building your network. You could get connected to fellow bloggers and your readers.
  • It increases your creativity and clarity of thought.
  • It makes you disciplined.

New mediums of blogging

Some of the new mediums for blogging adopted other than the traditional web log systems are listed below:

  1. Video blogging using video sharing websites like YouTube. Through videos blogger is able to connect with the viewer in a better way.
  2. Micro blogging sites like Twitter and Tumblr are adding new dimensions to the art of blogging by the use of sweet and concise content.
  3. Using podcasts for blogging is also a new trend.


While concluding, I would like to stress again that blogging is not a casual activity. It should be done with absolute dedication and passion. Only then you would be able to enjoy doing it. Or else you are wasting your time. So don’t waste your time. Identify your expertise and start blogging.


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