What is the purpose of life?

What is the purpose of life?
Being a seeker I always try to avoid conjectures. I would attempt to answer the question in a pure spirit of seeking, without making hardwired conclusions.
The human spirit in us might say, “Yes! Life has got great purpose. The purpose of life is to realise God or the true self”. It may be relevant to human life, but it’s not very likely to be true with ‘Life’ in general. I think we humans have monopolise the meaning of Life to Human life only. And this constricts the hugely broad spectrum of Life which contains all living forms like amphibians, reptiles, mammals etc. to human life only. If we look at life broadly, then it’s self-evident that a Dog or a Lion or an Ant are not seeking God or self-realisation. In fact they don’t even ask such questions regarding purpose of Life. It requires a brain to evolve to a certain level of intelligence, so that it can ask question regarding purpose of life. So, if we really want to explore the answer then we should try to reach at certain common objectives that can be ascribed to the process of life irrespective of the forms in which it get manifested.
what is the meaning of life
I would like to answer the question considering general meaning of life. If we look meticulously, where there is life there are five general or universal objectives that can be ascribed to the process of life irrespective of the forms in which it get manifested.
1.Desire to live

2.Desire to reproduce or propagate D.N.A

3.Desire to protect off-springs
All life forms may have different strategies or mechanisms to survive but they all are serving the common desire of life to sustain or preserve itself.Similarly ,different forms adopt  different ways to procreate or propagate the D.N.A, but the desire they are serving is common.It also seems that all life forms are seeking diversity or variety.One more thing common with all life forms is that they are all  constantly and continuously heading towards Death.From the moment life come into existence,  irrespective of  what form, it is heading towards Death.It seems that the purpose of life is to preserve, propagate or procreate and Die.The same cycle keep on repeating itself.I have not included Evolution in five common objectives as for most of the species it has reached its peak and they are not evolving further.So these common objectives manifested in all life forms give us a sense that life has a purpose, but we need to dig further.

life cycle

The above explanation also give rise to another question , why life propagate itself? It is certain that one day all system will die ,whether it’s solar system or universe.And the species that would be intelligent enough to travel across the planets, galaxies and universes would only have a chance to fulfil the desire of propagation of life.So, the above ascribed purposes seems elusive.Does life has the above ascribed objectives or these obectives are natural consequences of certain laws.? Lets understand with an exampl-we know that sun is the fundamental fuel provider to life on earth, we can confidently say ,” no sun,no life” but it doesn’t mean that sun’s purpose is to keep or sustain  the life on earth. The sun’s energy is created by certain chemical reactions and reaches earth and make life possible through certain laws.


If we delve more deeper, then it seems more likely and reasonable that Life has got no purpose.Laws of nature allow the possibility of existence of life, its preservation and propagation, that is why it’s there and propagating itself. Wherever laws don’t allow there are no signs of life.It’s just like- if gravity pulls everything down it doesn’t mean it has got a purpose to do so.Pulling  is happening due to certain Geometry of the space; neither Gravity nor Space has any purpose to do so.The question of purpose seems relevant to only human life.We have risen above survival process and natural selection.We compose music, create and design technologies, love art, build machines and explore universe with a certain purpose, so our brain eludes us by trying to ascribe purpose to the process of life.We  have become much more than  the default common objectives of Life, we have taken charge on our evolution and no more dependent on natural selection, hence the question seems reasonable.I think we all have our individual purposes, and sometimes one of them becomes the purpose of our life.