Whats’ New about Apple News +.Can we still use older version?


We thought some different products would launch at Apple event. But it got into some new direction. Though it has come up with some new aspects as well.

What products or services launched at Apple Event

  • The new Apple News +

  • Apple Card

  • Apple Arcade

  • The new Apple TV App.

These are the new services launched at the March 25th Apple event. The main reason to launch AirPods before the event is that the event will be only related to Apple services.

Ok now, what about Texture App compared to Apple News +

Like a year ago, Apple just got the newsstand App called Texture. Texture App contains unlimited Magazines and other stuff.

At present due to the launch of News+ Application. Due to this, it may soon shut-down for sure.

Because offering almost the same services on both the Apps doesn’t make any sense.

However, whoever using Texture they got mail regarding closing the service on May 28, 2019.

If you’re using Texture you will get a month Free trial in Apple News +. Obviously, everyone can have that access. It’s not any big deal for users.

How Apple News+ different from the previous version.

For this new service, you need to pay a subscription. It won’t free anymore as you used to get in the previous News App.

However, it would be worth the purchase as well.

In the new Apple News + you will be getting the latest Magazines as well.

Note: All those Magazines are premium if go buy them separately you end paying a lot more. Instead, you’re getting them at the low price in Apple News+

It allows you to subscribe to the Magazines present in Apple News. You will also get some custom recommendation as well.

With that recommendation, you will get to see the Magazines which you read the most.

You may notice that you need to pay a Subscription for “The Wall Street Journal” to read its content.

At one place you can also subscribe to those Digital Newspapers.

Note: Wall Street Journey itself is more priced compared to Apple News+. So you WON’T get complete content from the Wall Street Journal. You will get access to limited articles only.

In how many countries Apple News+ is available?

At present even in India the previous version is not yet released. So the same case may be intact with Apple News+.

So at present Apple News+ is available in US and Canada. Later it will get introduced to Australia and other countries like Europe even.

What Digital-Subscriptions are available in Apple News+

There are a lot and we can’t include everything in one.

A few examples of Digital Subscriptions are…

A few examples of Magazines…

How will be the reading experience of Magazines?

It’s simply awesome! Because of the demonstration of National Geographic Magazine viewing experience as similar to the physical Magazine you buy.

You can see that all images are quite beautiful and the experience of reading is very clear and original.

The images are very attractive and you won’t find much difference between Digital and Physical.

What will be the price of Apple News+

You’re getting some premium products in Apple News+. So obviously you need to pay some bucks to avail that.

Ok, you need to pay $9.99 Per month to get full access. You can avail one month free Trail. Moreover, you can cancel at any time whenever you don’t need it.

What will happen to my previous News App.

Don’t worry if you’re using the previous version of Apple News. You can still use it without any hesitation. If you want to try it you can install Apple News+ Application separately.