WhatsApp Ads on the way to your Phone. All you need to know

whatsapp ads

WhatsApp parent company Facebook has its top position in the most downloads ever. WhatsApp stands in the third position with 3.408 Billion downloads. It serves as a default application for every person no matter of age.

Having said that, WhatsApp has 1.5 billion active users all over the world, which is huge.

Main revenue sources for these popular applications are Advertisements obviously. We got to see Ads on Instagram, Facebook and even in Facebook Messenger. 

But even at present, you won’t see any advertisements from WhatsApp, though it has a huge database. Even if they just start out a portion of Monetising WhatsApp, it can be a pretty good number for them.

Keeping all these statistics in mind, Facebook has come up with WhatsApp advertisements.

Placement of Advertisement in WhatsApp

At Facebook Marketing Summit in the Netherlands, Facebook came up with some special updates for WhatsApp.

Though it has good numbers, it really cannot compare the interface of Instagram and Facebook for placing Advertisements.

WhatsApp act as a secondary interface of standard messaging Application. So placing Ads in between chat will not be a wise idea and as well as for User-experience.

So they have come up to place Advertisements in between stories and you will have a targeted-website link to the Advertisement. These Ads will be live in 2020.

Even though it might have some effect on User-experience because those stories are from your WhatsApp contacts and it looks some weird at start. However, Advertisements are the main source of revenue for Facebook.

The interface of WhatsApp Advertisements

According to Matt Navarra and Olivier Ponteville, the advertisements will appear between your friends WhatsApp stories just similar to Instagram.

The Advert story will completely occupy the whole page and will be available for visiting Advert websites.

The interface will be similar to Instagram Advert stories and it will be a little bit difficult to target Audience in WhatsApp for Advertisers. If it will be a problem, it can be an advantage for Advertisers as the Ad cost comes down gradually. It is still unknown that they may come up with some sort of solution to overcome this drawback.

Other new features

Along with Advertisement, they announced some extra features as well. Those are…

  • Richer Messaging Format.

Now it will be a major revenue model and income from WhatsApp, so they need to keep up with the latest features on WhatsApp. With Rich-text you will be able to include image and text in one single message.

  • Product Catalogue in WhatsApp similar to Facebook

This feature can mainly bring up huge advantage for the people who own business with catalogue products which means having Clothes.

To access this feature obviously you need to have WhatsApp business account as well as Facebook business Manager. 

This type of feature is in the testing phase and Facebook will soon implement this.

It is quite good that Facebook is now concentrating and giving more importance to business persons as well.

  •  Some improvements in stories

After the update, you will get to share text, images, GIF onto your WhatsApp stories enabling all types of people to post their stories. The more stories users will tend to post the more Ads are displayed in turn generating more revenue for Facebook.

Advertisers Criteria to post Ads on WhatsApp

If you use Facebook Ads, you will get to see the portion of the advertisement on Instagram as well. Which means your advert can also be seen on Instagram. So after the update, you will get the option of WhatsApp directly in Facebook Ads. From there you can start posting Ads on WhatsApp.