WhatsApp upcoming new features – Dark Mode , WhatsApp Pay


The never-ending updates hit WhatsApp every time and constant R&D goes onto thier App to make sure they are upto date.

First, let’s look out the new features of the WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web comes handy when you are working on the computer and want to send the files which are on the system.

We do generally get quick updates on the Android and iOS version but rarely to the WhatsApp Web. But this time, we can see some updates from the web point of view.

The new features of the WhatsApp Web

Albums and Grouped Stickers

So, generally, we do get all the single images to a single group making them occupying less space in mobile phones. As same, images and stickers will get grouped making them occupying less space and tidy.

This is just a quick and single update to the web, maybe we can expect more in the future.

WhatsApp Web is available for download

Before we need to scan the QR code to use the WhatsApp Web on-screen. But, you can download and use it directly as you use on our mobiles.

Mobile WhatsApp Features

WhatsApp Messenger 2.19.230 Update Available to Download, after completion of installation you will get to see the latest features.

Declared as Free service

However, before they were speculation of charging for the use of Application. But with the latest update, it is clear that they will continue to operate for free. You can also make free WiFi calls even internationally.


With this update, you can send multiple files without any limit. Before, there is a file size limit of 16 MB.

Upcoming features on WhatsApp


Instagram users may know this feature quite a lot, you can make looping videos using this feature. So, this feature in the rollout for the next major WhatsApp update.


If you have the latest iPhone X series, you might know the Animoji feature. So iPhone users can use them on WhatsApp as well.


A long-waited feature of the WhatsApp which is WhatsApp pay will get into the phone by December. At present, WhatsApp pay is available to the certain number of users. It also uses the UPI platform for money transactions.

Multi-platform support

At present, it is not possible for any person to use WhatsApp on multiple devices. But with the next update, people can use WhatsApp on multiple devices using the same number.

Dark Mode

Even in Android 10 this feature is most awaited. Now, you can completely turn your app into a dark mode which is very helpful for the person who usually chats at midnights.

We will keep you updated for further more features.