First time in History-Top Social Media Apps are down for Many hours


This is a quick update on the most used Social Apps are inaccessible or not working for a long 10 hrs. Which is very worse in its history.

Some are claiming that WhatsApp not working along with Facebook and Instagram as well.

Yes, you head right. The most used Apps… Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram are down for 10 long hours.

How do we know that these Social Apps are down for much time?

Let’s keep testing and proofs aside. Let’s have a look over the facts posted by Facebook and Instagram Team.

However, everyone must be agreed to this point that these are down for much time. Only then you will get their status updates on Facebook and Instagram.

Check Twitter Handles of Facebook and Instagram

You can look over here, directly we can see the Twitter Tweets and Facebook Posts by officials.

It is somewhat weird that something like this is shouldn’t happen.

Social Apps are down for everyone or only for some people?

Due to its high database and servers connectivity. It’s not possible to outage these Apps all over the world. Because of these Apps on different servers as well.

whatsapp not working

It is said that only some regions got affected by this issue. But soon it got like into a wildfire that everyone got attention to it easily.

What was the issue that users are getting?

So, first of all, we have known that outage has occurred so that we could not access social Apps under Facebook Company.

The main problem is for WhatsApp users are unable to send messages. Though the internet is fine users are unable to send messages.

It feels frustrating something happens this way that too especially for WhatsApp. Because we generally get irritated if message won’t deliver properly.

But at the same time, we need to understand that shit happens and we need to accept it anyhow. However, we can’t do anything except to wait for the service to back online.

For messenger, people are complaining that they can’t send messages which is a similar problem to WhatsApp.

In messenger, people aren’t able to open in desktop even.

For Facebook and instagram, people are unable to Login and do activities.

However, these issues might be for some time and later they will be running good.

In what major places this has happened?

For WhatsApp, the affected countries are India, Bangladesh, Argentina.

For remaining outages the places which are affected are…

  • UK
  • India
  • Philippines
  • Washington
  • Latin America
  • Peru

Do we have any threat to our Privacy or Data?

In short, the answer is “No”. Because these are server down issues not any other. Server down can happen to any service or website. So it doesn’t mean privacy is in danger.

For example… You will get power outage due to some issues in your house. It doesn’t mean your electronics gonna damage. It’s just a simple power loss. This goes for servers as well.

Can it occur due to some hacking?

Absolutely no, because these high-end Apps have a very vast and high powerful server.

So if any hacker needs to hack the server he needs more power than the servers which are maintained for these Apps.

So it is practically impossible to do it.