WhatsApp won’t work on these devices anymore


The things around has become the most technology specific. We cannot live without mobile phones and computers.

No matter whether they can be on the advantage side or the disadvantage side. They gonna help and educate us all the time.

No matter what,  when we think of the situation of our parents times. We are so lucky that we are able to access many unbelievable things around at present. Like say one the most used and important App at present is obviously WhatsApp.

We have many competitors around for Messaging like Hike, Telegram and many…

But we always stick to WhatsApp and is also the most used Messaging App in the world. The quick strike which we get into our mind is WhatsApp when we need to send a message to someone.

Okay, let’s come to the main topic…

At present WhatsApp is available on the Windows, iOS, and Android. You need to be updated to access the latest features and if the latest version is not supported on your device. Then you cannot run WhatsApp on your device.

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So those who are using a decent smartphone. They won’t face any issues. But people who are still using old Nokia Phones can face the problem. Even though I will mention the list of devices in which you can’t access WhatsApp any more.

The new news has rolled out that from January 1, 2019. People who are using WhatsApp in their Nokia S40 software Platforms will no longer access WhatsApp on their phone.

whatsapp support

From now people who are using these devices cannot use WhatsApp further. According to the sources, more than 1 Million people use WhatsApp on old Nokia phones.

Moreover, it’s not a less number and they need to find a solution for this. It is estimated that more than half a million people will likely shift to smartphones as because of no support of WhatsApp.

So if you’re a user of Nokia 206, Asha 210 and many others which fall under the same category will longer have access to WhatsApp.

Nokia S40 platforms no longer in support with WhatsApp. The statement has already passed by Facebook.

You may think the platform isn’t popular. It’s not, the phones under S40 platform are very popular and millions of people bought those.

The only thing is many people have upgraded their mobile phones to smartphones. At present, you can get a smartphone starting from around Rs. 8000. It’s a world where priorities are in change many people take a loan and purchase smartphones.

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If you’re wondering the total list of the phones which isn’t in support of WhatsApp they are…

List of Nokia Series

  • Nokia 206 ( All models )
  • The Nokia 208 ( All models )
  • Nokia 301 ( All models )
  • Nokia 515
  • The Nokia Asha 201
  • Nokia 205
  • Nokia 210
  • The Nokia 203 ( All models)

There is something bad news for some users… You gonna lose support for Android and iOS devices as well.

OS in which WhatsApp won’t work

  • iPhone 3GS ( iOS )
  • Blackberry OS and Blackberry 10
  • Windows Phone 8.0
  • Android versions before 2.3.3

OS which doesn’t support for WhatsApp in 2020

  • Android Versions 2.3.7
  • iOS 7

Future OS which doesn’t support for WhatsApp

  • iOS 8
  • Android Version 4
  • Windows Phone 8.1

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A lot of phones are not in support with WhatsApp. However, even the officials felt it was a very tough decision to make.  If you look out, many other popular Applications are removed from those platforms very early.

The only reason to keep WhatsApp still into that old Nokia Phones is that the Popularity of the messaging App and it is used by all-ages.