2019 Most Trending WhatsApp Tricks- See Who Blocked you


WhatsApp the most trended chatting app is rocking the world of today’s generation.

Along, with its new features like status update, group chats, voice and video calls, people are also willing to know the tricks of the WhatsApp.

So let’s check out some interesting new WhatsApp tricks for this upcoming year 2019.

The generation is getting digitally connected with each other, whether it’s in India or overseas we believe in connecting with people, but due to highly digitalization it becomes difficult to keep privacy of the data and chats.

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But the most famous and secure app is WhatsApp that helps us to get connected with the limited people we know.

whatsapp 2019

WhatsApp has also introduced the WhatsApp Business so that the businesses can work with their clients through digitalized WhatsApp.

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To keep their clients and customers happy and to make the impressive look there are some WhatsApp tricks you must try in 2019 to make a roll down performance in front of your clients, friends and families.

List of the most trending WhatsApp Tricks of 2019:

  1. View Status Without Knowing
  2. Delete Message After 7 minute
  3. Who Blocked You
  4. Number Saved or not
  5. Storage Usage
  6. Status Privacy
  7. Type with voice
  8. Live Location Sharing

So let’s began the journey of some funny and smart tricks for WhatsApp that might surprise you and also help you in your daily basis.

View Status Without Knowing

This is the feature where you can see the status of your friends, colleagues and even of enemies too. Hahaha! Just kidding, but yes this will help you to see the status of them without notifying them.

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WhatsApp has many such features with it tricks, the steps to do this are so simple that will make you see the status of any one and they won’t be notified about that.

So, let’s just follow some easy steps:

  • Open Your WhatsApp account                                                 
  • Go to the Settings                 
  • Click on the Account                                                                     
  • Off the Read Receipt Option                    
  • Open Privacy

By just following these five easy steps you will be able to see the status of everyone but the fellow of whom you are seeing the status won’t get the notification. See it happened just like that 😉

Delete Message After 7 Minute

WhatsApp has keep on updating itself the day it was launched and keeps on doing that at every short time period.

One of the feature is you can delete the message which is being send, but once it’s read you cannot delete the message from the other end.

So we have such simple tricks to delete the messages from the mobile of the other person who has already read the messages.

Check out some simple steps to delete the messages:

  • Switch of the Wifi/Mobile Data           
  • Close the WhatsApp                                                                    
  • Clear it from the recent apps             
  • Go to phone Settings                                                                   
  • Select the App & Notification           
  • Open on App Information            
  • Click on WhatsApp            
  • Click Force Stop            
  • Go to the phone Settings again           
  • Click on Date & Time Switch off the automatic time and date            
  • Manually select the time & date that should be 5 minutes after the message sent            
  • Go back on WhatsApp Delete the messages you want      
  • Switch on the WiFi/mobile data.

When you will switch on the wifi/mobile data the messages will be deleted from your mobile and from the other end too.

This is somewhat a length step but it will help you to delete the messages which are recent, 10 minutes ago, 2 hours ago, days ago or years ago, messages will be deleted for sure.

Who Blocked You

This is the problem of today’s generation, they don’t know if they are being blocked by their crush or not…Hahaha!

Blocking to someone means the messages are not being received by the person, anyhow you will be able to send them messages.

To know if you are blocked or not, follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Go to WhatsApp           
  • Create a Group with the person you doubt who has blocked you.           
  • The Group is created and yet that person is not been added in a group. It means you are being blocked by the particular person.

Number Saved or Not

We have so many contacts in our WhatsApp list, but in some cases people don’t prefer to save the numbers.

During such time if you want check that your number is saved by that person, then follow and observe some steps mentioned below and you will get the idea that are you important or not!

Observe the persons profile photo, if it’s not applied for long time than it might be said that your number is not saved.

Also you can check your status column and observe the same, if you find that the persons status is not being seen by you for a long time that can be predicted as your number is not being saved and might be you are not important.

Storage Usage

As the contacts are increasing the storage usage also increases, so to manage the storage usage of WhatsApp.

Here are few simple steps to follow and manage the storage of WhatsApp:

  • Go to the WhatsApp Settings              
  • Click on the Data and Storage Usage              
  • You will be seeing the storage capacity used by each person and group          
  • Click on the person/group name to delete the data.

This will help you in reducing the memory used and increase the speed of phone and WhatsApp as the storage usage will be cleaned eventually.

Status Privacy

The statuses on WhatsApp are publically posted, meaning it will be visible to all the persons who are in your contact list.

So sometimes it creates a blunder if the post is related to the particular person or a group of persons but posted publically, in this case this is one of the best features WhatsApp has given to their users.

In this trick you have can select a particular group of peoples or a person and that will be just visible to the respective one you have ticked.

So without wasting a single second let’s check out some simple steps:

  • Go to the WhatsApp             
  • Slide left and open Status Bar            
  • Click on the 3 dots at the top on your right side           
  • Select Status Privacy            
  • You will find the three options            
  • Choose as per your requirements

Type with Voice

This is the feature of the android but very useful for the WhatsApp chat, it helps us in writing WhatsApp messages through voice.

The message will be typed as per the voice commands; it also supports English and Hindi languages.

This is the feature that made me too surprise that this is anyways an android feature but yet it can work as a part of the WhatsApp.

The person doesn’t need to know how to type, just click on the voice button and the same words will be written on the WhatsApp.

Live Location Sharing

As I said earlier WhatsApp keeps on updating eventually, so with that WhatsApp has featured one best feature of sharing live location to your friends, families and colleagues.

This is the feature which can show the live location of the person.

Easy steps to share your live location on WhatsApp are:

  • Turn on the GPS of your cell phone  
  • Open your WhatsApp account           
  • Click the persons chat you want to send live location.             
  • Click on the pin button next to typing bar            
  • Share your live location by selecting one option i.e. share live location or send current location.

The difference between these both is share live location will divert the system to Google maps and the send current location shows where you are currently that also on WhatsApp.

Choose it as per the requirements; both are the best at their place.

So friends here were the best WhatsApp tricks that can be very helpful to you in your daily basis.

Hope you liked the article and please don’t forget to share especially to the person who really needs these tricks to use WhatsApp easily and smartly.